Her genes are not quite right to mate with

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Somebody's attractiveness lies in their DNA. You will only find somebody attractive if their genes and yours are compatible and attract each other. Or so some TV show or magazine article or something told me once...

Her genes are not quite right to mate with

Mother, Father, Petros and I almost had lunch with Harrison's wife Mary today, because it is her birthday. They invited a bunch of people to a big party and then only about this morning probably felt bad about not inviting us so they quickly did so.

However, later in the day we decided that we'll just have supper with them in town, instead of going to a big party with lots of their people where we won't get to talk much to Mary anyway.

And so, we eat at Panarotti's tonight.

But I don't know, I feel rather uncomfortable tonight. The booth we squeezed into is uncomfortable and I'm in a rather bad mood, probably because I'm hungry too.

Anyway, during our supper, Mary and Mother and Father and whomever talk again about this woman they have been wanting to introduce me to for months. From time to time I recall them saying something about this alledgely extremely beautiful woman who is a therapist and a wonderful person and whom they believe will make the perfect wife for me or something along those lines. They always said they wanted to arrange a date for me with her.

I didn't pay much attention to it then. Sometimes what they think is a great woman for me, doesn't really excite me when I see her.

Tonight however, Mary says she has photos on her phone of the woman in question. She excitedly shows me the photos.

Ok I think, I admit, this is one of their better woman suggestions. She's got nice dark hair and there's something rather nice looking about her.

But, at the same time, there's something that puts me off. I think it's from the nose down that her face just isn't quite formed right. It's hard to say but although from the top down her hair is nice and her eyes are nice, from there on it seems her genes just get a little course with a rather roughly big formed nose and something about the jawlines that don't accord with me.

Also pictures of her in less clothing shows that the lines of her body put me off. Hard to really see on the cellphone pictures, although the screen is quite decent size, but unfortunately I have to be honest with myself and admit if something puts me off.

I don't say much however, as everybody else is wowed and make all sorts of lighthearted comments.

Mother even sounds like she's chastising Mary for not having arranged a date for the two of us already, and Mary says what can she do? It's Marzeus who's supposed to grab the opportunity.

I tell Mary she needn't do anything further. Mary asks if I will phone that girl if Mary gives me her phone number, but I say probably not.

Later on, I have to go to the restroom and when I come back, Father immediately starts again on that issue.

"So what is the latest regarding this matter?", he asks full of playful expectation, thinking that the latest news is that we were going to go on a date or something.

Well, I didn't want to shoot down this poor girl to all of them, because the girl is probably nice, but it seems if I don't tell them what I'm really thinking that they might go and arrange something behind my back or whatever.

So I just tell them "Ok, I have have to be rawly, rawly, rawly, rawly, rawly honest:

There is something beautiful about her, no doubt about that.

However, there is something about her that puts me off."

"Is it that she's a girl, and not a dog?", Harrison asks. I'm not sure what he means but at first I thought he means I must not be into girls then, and then I thought he's probably referring to my love for Majesty my fluffy dog, and to love someone else they must be a dog. Whatever.

Of course they ask me what I find wrong with her. Seriously, couldn't they just leave the matter there? Must I really tear apart this poor girl before they just accept that perhaps I don't feel into her?

I just shrug and say "Maybe it's her genes that aren't quite right."

"Pfff!", goes Mary, thinking that's rather random.

"But what about her personality? Maybe her company is very nice if you get to know her", says Father. Petros is the only one who understands, saying "Oh just drop it everybody; must he now say she's kak ugly before you see the light?"

Well, I didn't really think she's ugly at all. I think she's beautiful. I'm probably just not attracted to her specific genes, as these don't feel compatible to mine. At least I don't think. I'm just being very honest about my first impressions from seeing her photos.

Well they probably didn't get what I was saying, but they got what Petros was saying, so although I didn't find the girl ugly at all, I just let that be what they think then, otherwise they might talk us into or secretly arrange us into a date or something.

Next day, believe it or not, Mother AGAIN suggests to me that I go on a date with that girl. She says one cannot really be sure just from a photo.

I say shove it.

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