Hidden Velocity, the Secret of Mass Relativity

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At different velocities, objects take different paths in a moving universe. Unfortunately, our equations are developed as if the earth was static! Newton’s concept of absolute mass can coexist with relativistic effects since finite mass produces only finite energy by its disintegration, its ultimate form of conversion from one perceptible form to another.

Can we rely on our sense?

One might feel it highly absurd discussing whether mass is absolute or relative in a world that has so many nuclear weapons, reactors and particle accelerators.

However, mass is absolute irrespective of relativistic effects since one kilogram plutonium can burn only a limited number of sentient beings although it can evaporate tears of many more.

Then, how do the proofs of mass relativity exist?

The secret is the relativity of distance at different ‘magnitudes’ (as conventional terms put it) of velocity in a tremendously moving universe.

Actually, when human sense declares that energy is produced from mass, the mass is really disintegrated to space and when these space capsules are attached to mass it shows vibration or movement that is perceived as absorption of energy or a change in one form of energy to another!

Energy, having no existence of its own, is only an expression of space or that of matter. Gravitation is the conversion of space to mass. Space is entering volume-wise! That is why inverse square law exists! Or, why should the attractive force between two bodies diminish in specific order with distance?

Mass is produced from space. This is how Heisenberg’s equation works, and virtual particles bubble up from space.

All the materials in the universe are moving at or near to the velocity of electromagnetic waves if one takes the real space as the reference. Since everything is under tremendous multidimensional motion and since space is not perceptible for human senses and mind, one has no choice but to select the material frames of references and it results in defective observation of relative motions. Although this is the only possibility for restricted mortal senses and brain, this is far away from reality.

Henri Poincare’s significance

In case of any acceleration, as one might claim, only the direction is changing, not the magnitude against the universal space, even if one feels it is in the same direction. Actually one cannot increase or decrease the magnitude of velocity. Increase in magnitude as one feels in everyday life is just direction change against real space!

This causes relativity of distance! Since an object travels through different path at different velocity even in case of same starting point and finishing point, it results in time dilation, length contraction and mass relativity that are perceivable to human sense.

In a static world our equations that work well can explain things, as ‘spring theory’ explained Boyle’s Law. But, in a moving universe one should be prudent with the existing equations, although they give good results.

Therefore, although E=mc2 works well, it may not be the ultimate truth. That is why special relativity, in spite of all its eulogized achievements, failed in comprehending gravitation and Einstein had to come up with General Relativity.

Still, it had defect and he was compelled to predict the advent of another space theory.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
4th Sep 2012 (#)

fascinating information..many thanks John,

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author avatar John Kolyav
4th Sep 2012 (#)

Thanks very much dear for reading and commenting. Lots of work is to be done in this area. But, I hope one day these concepts will be proved.

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