Hide and see who is coming

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This is part of a story written in gamebook style. if you haven't yet, you should read the story from the beginning

Gamebook intro

This chapter is part of a gamebook style story where you, the hero get to make choices which will determine how the story goes. If you haven't read the story from the beginning, perhaps you should start here

Hide and see who is coming

Deciding that prudence is the better side of valor, you move your trusty horse Lightning off to the side of the road, behind a tall bush and crouch low beside him. No sooner do you do so than along comes a white man mounted on a horse. The man is clearly spurring his horse to the utmost but the horse is just as clearly near the limit of its endurance. It is clear that the man is fleeing some sort of pursuit. He fails to spot your hiding place as he races past and his attention is clearly occupied by what he fears is chasing him.

Chased by Indians

Immediately at his heels, rides a pose of eight mounted Indian braves. They are all armed with bows, except the leader who holds a rifle. From your knowledge of local Indian tribes, the braves all appear to belong to a small local tribe, the Getitoome Indians. These people are known to be a peaceful lot and their current warlike disposition seems to you an odd sight. Unfortunately, you don't recall any more specific information regarding this particular tribe.

A Choice

You consider chasing after the Indians. As a man of law it is perhaps your duty to assist a white man being pursued by braves who seem quite intent on doing him injury. On the other hand, no one knows you are here and perhaps it would be best not to get involved. Besides, you aren't sure that you could successfully stand up single-handedly to eight Getitoome braves and get out unscathed.

Do you:
1) Mount up on Lightning and pursue the Getitoome braves.
2) Mount up and ride in the opposite direction.


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