"Hieros Gamos?" (or "Holy Sex?! Holy cow, Batman!")

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Despite once placing 3rd in a Barbados-wide short-story writing contest some years ago, I've been so busy wrestling with reality that I've more often than not chosen poetry's economy to ventilate my feelings and thoughts.

My pious regard for history also means I prefer journalistic "essaying" over the trappings of novels or novellas.

Engaging authentically with reality is so fulfilling, if time consuming, who has time for works of fiction?

Until now.

This is the outcome.

Knock-knock-knocking on Hera's door

"I was on the toilet," Vidia apologized, as he opened the door.

Erin held her nose as she suppressed laughter, merely smiling sheepishly as she hurried pass him and into the living room.

The toilet was located just inside the hotel room door, inconsiderately, she thought.

Noting that she maintained eye-contact, but for a brief glance downward, Vidia hastily followed-up his explanatory greeting with a line he had rehearsed while hurriedly dressing in the toilet: "I always seem to be in the loo when you come. You must think I'm full of sh_t!"

She broke into laughter.

This satisfied him. He had scored.

The writer watched her dance dizzily to the sofa, the sight of her smooth, curvaceous, tan-coloured calves extending beyond the deep red, tight-fitting, knee-length skirt she was wearing stirring his desire for her.

He watched his laughter-wobbled quarry as she sat and composed herself.

She was wearing a silky, cream coloured blouse that while not translucent, seemed to rest with an ephemeral transience on her teasingly just-shy-of-ample bosom.

The sleeves of the blouse being arms length, today he would have to settle for just the sight of her hands, with those slenderest of fingers.

She seemed to have gotten into the habit of covering more of herself the more time they spent together.

Might she be a mind-reader?

What, he thought, would it take for him to actually own her!

Vidia had been sexually attracted to the Antiguan "mature student" from the first day he met her.

She was the third person responding to a notice he had posted at the nearby Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies for a research assistant.

That was more than 2 months ago now.

They had spent several hours poring over various documents and books in the law library at Cave Hill, searching for anything that would illuminate the dark world of his subject, the Sorcerer.

Equipped only with this enigmatic title, the Indian-born, Switzerland-based journalist had been thrust headlong into a rapids like narrative that carried him floundering frantically, often submerged, one and a half times around the world.

Erin could be his respite, he thought.

Her body, rich bread, her husky voice and Caribbean island-accented speech an intoxicating elixir.

How should he proceed?

How could he seduce her.

She had shown absolutely no hint of a physical attraction toward or sexual interest in him so far.

It would have been easier seducing the eager Edgar, he thought.

The Trinidadian Edgar, like himself of Asian origin was the first to respond to his employment-research offer.

A psychology major, he claimed to also have African ancestry but if true, this was remote and obscure.

Vidia thought it was part of Ed's seduction sales pitch - a hint at the horse-power under the hood.

While he had flirted with his homosexual instincts in the past, he had long decided to suppress them though.

Since his romantic "awakening in male company", with other male students and lecturers at Oxford he had even been married.

However attractive he thought the eager Trinidadian, who had kept in touch despite not getting the job, compared to what he felt for Erin, his feelings for Ed were smoke.

"All smoke and mirrors," he had told an Italian associate.

"That's Edgar Chang. Just like his bloody African credentials!"

To be continued..


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