High Away

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This poem was written off of a strange buzz that I had when I was listening to some music the night before the publication of this poem. I wasn't high or drunk, despite the title but the emotions it gave me somewhat sparked this one. Comments are open.

High Away

High Away

High Away
Far Away
From our Minds.

Far Away
From Logic.

And Far Away
From What We Know
As Rational.

Now Listen Closely
Or else
You’ll lose me.

If I’m successful
You will
Follow me
And you will
Lose Yourself

That you
For just a minute
But not a minute

And its great
To know
Where we’re from.

And its good
To know
Our path
In life.

To say
“I know
Where I’m Going”.

But we can’t
Every day
What is going
To happen.

Like a good story
You never know
What’s going
To happen next.

And its good
To know
The Direction
We walk in.

But its even better
To get lost
Even if
We can’t
Our steps.

To get lost
Is to find something
And something
Our wildest dreams.

Such as gems
And precious stones
Piled up
Upon mounds
Of gold.

Or a beautiful
Cascading Waterfall
In a gentle
Autumn Forest.

So pure
So magnificent.

But Understand
Once you
Take a dive
In this
You can never leave.

The Mounds of Gold
Have no meaning here
For very few things
Follow into the

Now onto
The Gems
Where Sapphires
And Diamonds
Glitter and shine.

They may mean something
To us
Yet they have
No meaning
To the world
At large.

May have limits
Where the sky
Is the limit.

But what about

For the Earth
May have a limit
Of the Sky
But once we reach
The Sky
We only have
To go further up
To Reach
The Stars.

They seem
So far away
High away
And out of reach.
But think
The Tiny Streetlamps
Of God
Put there
For a reason.

We push our feet
Against gravity
And we try to reach them
But no matter
How hard
We push
We won’t get there.

Not unless
With help.

Has gone off
To space
And so can we
In our minds.

But in order
To be successful
We have to lose
Our Minds
To insanity.

For we tend
To risk everything
With the knowledge
That maybe none of it
Is coming back
In the end.

And it feels good
To get lost
To not know
Our way back
Because we can’t
Our steps.

Like a Dense
In the Amazon
For we will
Be exploring.

For none of us
Are neither here
Nor there.

In between.

Like I said
The Earth
May have
the Limit
of the Sky
but Past
The Sky
Is Space.

And Space
Among the Stars
Among different planets
And worlds
Beyond comprehension
Is Infinity.

And to define
Is to live

Have you lost me
Have you lost yourself

For now
We are so
Far Away
From what we know.

For we are
High Away


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author avatar vpaulose
2nd Nov 2012 (#)

Nice Rob. Thank you.

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
3rd Nov 2012 (#)

Great poem. Thanks.

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