High Hopes

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Wendy's parents had always had high hopes for her, they had wanted her to go to University, get high grades, and then a well paid job. But she had got pregnant at 17, and married her childhood sweetheart Dan. She loved her baby son Ben, but felt she had let her parents down. Read on to find out more.

High Hopes

Wendy got herself ready to go out whilst Ben was sleeping. Since he had been born, she found that was the only time she had to herself. Not that she was complaining, one look at her 3 month old son, his bonny face, which broke into the most disarming smile when she held out her arms to him, his beautiful blue eyes, and round chubby face aroused every bit of maternal instinct inside her, she loved Ben and her husband Dan with all her heart.

Before she got pregnant, she had planned to go to university, her A level grades were high, and she had always wanted to make a career in law, but instead Dan had married her, and they lived in a tiny flat with just one bedroom. He was training to be a car mechanic, so right now that was all his wage would stretch to, and she had worked in a shop for as long as she could before Ben was born, just to add a bit of extra money to their income, enough to feed them, but she didn't care. She had loved Dan since they were small children going to school together hand in hand, she had thought being on the pill was safe, and so it would have been , if she hadn't forgotten to take it.

Her Parents

Mum and Dad had not said much, but she had sensed their disappointment, as their only child, they had wanted the very best for her. Mum had even offered to look after Ben, if she still wanted her career, she could always marry Dan later on, and they could help money wise, they were not hard up, but Wendy hadn't even considered that.

Dan wanted them to make their own life, no matter how hard it would be, and she felt the same, there was no way she wanted to be parted from her husband or her baby, so they had declined her parents kind offer, they would work their way up from their modest little flat, and one day her parents would be proud of her.

Once Ben had been born, his new grandparents doted o him, and nothing more was said, they were willing to babysit at any time, so the harmonious family relationship continued. Dan's family love him too, but it wasn't hard to love Ben, he was a happy healthy little boy, and a joy to everyone.

Wendy met Sarah

Wendy met Sarah at the clinic when she was having Ben weighed. Sarah had a daughter, Lisa, also three months old, so they became friends, and frequently visited each other and even baby sat for each other at times. Wendy looked up to Sarah, she was 23, and taking a break from her own job as an IT specialist and enjoying her maternity leave, knowing that her job would still be there for her when she wanted to return.
" I should have gone to Uni, but Ben came along, I don't regret it of course, but Dan and I have no chance of buying our own house for years." she said sadly, whilst looking around Sarah,s immaculate top of the range kitchen. The whole house was big and spacious, and it was obvious that Sarah and her husband Dave had no financial worries.
" Well I'll be honest with you Wendy, we only have this house cos my parents died in a car crash last year, and i miss them every day, they never got to see Lisa, their first grand child."

Sarah's usually very composed face crumpled, and tears flowed down her cheeks, whilst Wendy hastily put her arm around her, murmuring how sorry she was to hear that.
" Family is everything Wendy, being rich in love is far more important than money, I truly admire you and Dan, you are independent, and proud, and you will make your parents proud!".

Wendy was amazed, they were as poor as a couple of church mice, and Sarah was proud of her! But those words were right, love was everything, and they had that in abundance. She had read something about doing an open university course at home, and now she would follow it up. She put her arms around Sarah .
" Your parents would have loved Lisa, just as we do, and you know Sarah, I reckon they are up there looking down"
Sarah hugged her back
" Yes I believe that, and they sent me the best friend ever in you!"

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author avatar Retired
24th Jan 2018 (#)

Good story.

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author avatar Carol
24th Jan 2018 (#)

Thanks for reading Tootsie

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author avatar Carol
24th Jan 2018 (#)

Thanks for the star Pete.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
25th Jan 2018 (#)

This is a very heartwarming story Carol.
God bless you
Stella x

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author avatar Carol
27th Jan 2018 (#)

Thanks for reading Stella. x

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author avatar LOVERME
27th Jan 2018 (#)

Such things keep coming up again and again..
in my poetry I warn young gals to refrain..
they are scared their bfs will run away ..
sadly they give away and such things are bound to happen when they get no guidance
how to take precaution..
Ma'am do write a new book ''Gals Be Aware'''

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author avatar Carol
28th Jan 2018 (#)

Thanks for your comments Loverme.x

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