Hillsborough, The hunt for the truth.

Glenn Merrilees By Glenn Merrilees, 9th Nov 2013 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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The story of Hillsborough and the search for the truth.


It was just another football match
it was just another day
but ninety six were murdered
and someone has to pay.

There was carnage at the stadium
i feel i must explain
it started at the west end
an end named leppings lane.

This happened back in eighty nine
inquiries each few years
it's time the honest truth was told
to stop the families tears.

Some of them mere children
in that cataclysmic crush
victims of stupidity
insides turned to mush.

The same thing back in eighty eight
the same end leppings lane
concerns were raised by liverpool
yet it happened once again.

This time it was fatal though
poor innocents, they died
a whitewash and a cover up
seems oh so many lied.

The Sun made allegations
their headline said THE TRUTH
drunken yobs had caused it
with not a bit of proof.

Said fans had urinated
a dead girl was abused
all kinds of attrocity
The Sun, the fans accused.

Mackenzie was the editor
let's make this crystal clear
good citizens of Liverpool
your name he tried to smear.

His words were aimed at scousers
no thought of truth nor tact
a lying cop, a tory boy
he took their words as fact.

Mackenzies forced apology
so did he face the sack?
that happened back in ninety three
and Murdoch took him back.

Alas he really had too
Murdoch studied facts
this man is making money
circulation at it's max.

One hack wrote an article
fit only for the bin
said football fans are animals
that's why we fence them in.

I want to tell my story
but i don't suppose they care
don't sit and read their nonsense
remember, i was there.

We were herded in like animals
we were treated just like sheep
ninety six dear fellow fans
now in heaven sleep.

Herded through an open gate
but Duckenfield he lied
said we'd broken through it
that's why those people died.

Yet i was in amongst it
i thought i'd met my fate
terror all around me
pressed into a gate.

I managed to climb upward
every muscle i did strain
it seemed to last for hours
then i was free again.

Still have flashback nightmares
to the day, those things i seen
a young girl pressed against the gate
exactly where i'd been.

The next time that i saw her
far too late for aid
scarf covered eyes of terror
on a hoarding she was laid.

There were bodies all around me
every time i turned around
this is not a battlefield
it's just a football ground.

Failures by authorities
it makes me scratch and itch
i saw it with my own two eyes
one ambulance on pitch.

Because of someones failures
i saw, i heard the screams
faces filled with terror
revisit in my dreams.

Six minutes after kick-off
that's when they stopped the game
the carnage wasn't over though
i've never been the same.


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I'm a 48 year old scotsman and a mental health awareness activist. I'm also a multi- award winning multi- published (NOT self published) poet. i have read my work at conferences all over Scotland,

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