Hiram addresses the Templars

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A brief scene from 'The House of Sorrows', first volume of my new series 'The Hands of Riki Jordan'. Hiram, Grand Master of the Temple Masons, seeks the discreet help of the Templars, guardians of the Temple Treasure.

Hiram and the Templars

‘GENTLEMEN,’ BEGAN HIRAM, LOOKING ROUND IN TURN AT EACH OF THE SEVEN TEMPLARS. ‘This is critical, do you understand? Do I have your absolute trust? Your word of honour? Your sacred oath?’

Godfrey, Eustace, Bernard, Robert, Raymond, Guy and Hugh. Hiram knew each Templar’s name and standing alongside every other possible scrap of information about the man. He stared hard at Eustace, who squirmed. Guilty conscience, Hiram knew – an indiscretion some years back, in Byzantium. He grinned at Raymond, who looked down at the table. Raymond is easily used – he hasn’t got over a certain loss of integrity, a neat bit of compromise, in his early career. Guy? Well, it’s all about a quick buck for Guy, isn’t it? We’ll handle that. He peered under his black brow at Bernard, who winced. Hugh. Robert. Godfrey? Clean as a whistle but he’s got an axe to grind with his half-brother Baldwin. Family estates, that sort of thing.

‘Your oath, gentlemen?’

‘Aye,’ came the seven-fold response. ‘Aye, Hiram. We swear it.’

Hiram paused, allowing the gravitas to settle. Then he spread his thick arms before him, on the round table of the Templars’ private chamber.

‘As you’ve heard, the Romniks have put a governor in charge in Scion City. Direct rule, gentlemen. I think you may guess the implications?’

‘Hmm,’ opened Godfrey, ‘closer ties?’ He brushed his tunic as he spoke.

‘Stability?’ ventured Hugh, taking off his spectacles and cleaning them.

‘A change of status,’ murmured Bernard. He tapped with his stylus, nervously.

Hiram grinned to himself. Yes. Discreet. All too discreet. Outwardly, his face was stern.

‘Gentlemen, I’ll be blunt. You have a sacred trust to guard our nation’s treasure. You are hired, trusted, as objective outsiders, to guard it – for? Against? Let me remind you. In our midst are seditious men and women. Disloyal. Rebels. They’ll gladly ruin us and believe, in their lunacy, that they’ve won some kind of game. They understand nothing. Nothing! That’s point one. Point two: we are – er – beholden to Rom. Little we can do about it. Specially now that Pike’s here. Direct taxation, that kind of thing.’

‘Aye,’ spoke Raymond. ‘Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.’ He wore a high-minded expression. The other Templars fidgeted. Some bent their heads; some looked at the ceiling.

‘Sir Raymond,’ responded Hiram, turning to face him, ‘so it’s said. So it stands in your – um – creed.’ The Templars nodded as a man. Hiram paused again, and then spoke intently: ‘I ask you then to reflect. Here’s a silver dollar. What face is on it?’

‘Caesar’s,’ came the reply.

‘Caesar’s indeed. Then it goes to Caesar. Are you with me?’ They nodded, watching as Hiram pushed the coin aside. ‘Now – here’s a brass Gerbil farthing. What’s on it?’

‘A camel,’ spoke the gathered knights.

‘Unto whom?’

‘The Gerbils?’ ‘Rom?’ ‘Us?’

Hiram placed another coin before them. ‘And this?’

‘That’s Iskander!’ exclaimed Hugh. ‘A rare golden Skander quid! Worth a fortune!’

‘Unto whom?’ Hiram rose, leaning with his fists on the table. ‘Gentlemen, come with me. Take me to the Vaults. We aren’t done yet.’

The seven rose, leaving their abacuses and files on the table. They hooked their swords to their sword belts and lined up in solemn order. Hiram was inducted into the centre of the group, and in this wise they left the boardroom and strode, with outward show of valour, into the dark labyrinth by which the Temple Vaults were gained. Child of Dravid! And the Temple Treasure! Hiram’s eyes took no note of the dark, the curious signs and gargoyles that were meant to scare off intruders, the twists and turns as the peloton moved deeper through the labyrinth.

Child of Dravid – the girl’s tattoo – the possibilities! The Treasure! One thing more – and I must play it right, reflected Hiram to himself. The Black Sphinx! It’s all within my grasp.


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10th Jun 2014 (#)

most interesting...thank you Peter...

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author avatar Peter Merton
10th Jun 2014 (#)

Ta - a small snippet from a long holographic saga.

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