His Dangerous Obsession

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Danny had loved Mia since they were very young children. Thoughts of her dominated his whole life, and he could think of little else. So how could he win her love? Read on to find out more.

His Dangerous Obsession

Danny and Mia had grown up together, and he adored her. They had walked to school together, shared friends and fun for so many years, and even their families were friends. But at eighteen now, being her friend was not enough for Danny, his love for Mia was so strong, he wanted to marry her.

Some people might think he was too young to know his own mind, but then they didn't know Danny. He had met other girls at parties and such, but no-one had even come close to Mia in his opinion. Not only was she very beautiful with her golden blonde hair and deep blue eyes, but she was also very intelligent, and he had no doubt her ambition to become a vet would be realised when she left uni.

They were even going to the same university, Danny wanted to be a doctor, and they had both got into Cambridge, so he wouldn't lose her, they might both meet new friends, but he would be around for her, waiting for the day she would realise just how much she needed him.

Buying her Bess, the lovely black labrador had been a smart move on his part, it was the perfect excuse to go on walks together, and how he loved being with her, she had such a vivacious personality, she positively sparkled, and he felt so proud to be out with her. People must think she was more than a friend, and in his mind she was, it was just Mia that didn't realise it yet.


Mia was excited about going to Cambridge University, she had always loved animals, and she was determined to pass all her exams and become a vet. It was such a coincidence that Danny was coming too.

She didn't care to admit it to anyone other than herself, but as much as she loved Danny, and she did, he was like a very protective brother, these days she found his presence a little stifling. They had grown up together, and he had always been there for her. She was heartbroken when their golden retriever Sandy had died, but dear Danny had turned up with a beautiful black labrador soon after, and now Bess was very much a part of the family.

The last couple of years at school she had noticed that none of the boys were that friendly towards her, and as she could see how popular Jess was, she asked her why. Jess had laughed.
" Well they can't get past Danny can they. You must know he is besotted with you.!"
" Oh no, it's not like that, we are only childhood friends." said Mia, but the look of disbelief that Jess gave her irritated her slightly. After all she was only eighteen, and had not yet known any boys other than Danny.

She had felt that going to different unis would be good for both of them, he could meet other girls, and she could get to know other boys, but that wasn't going to happen. However she did have a mind of her own, and she had decided she would be more firm with him, and tell him to be less protective, but in a kind way.

She took the opportunity whilst they were travelling there in the car his dad had bought him.
" Well Danny, lots of new girls to meet at uni, with your brooding Heathcliffe type looks it won't take you long to find someone."

Danny wanted to retort. But they won't be you, and you are all I want, but he had sensed her growing away from him, so he played it cool, and hid his intense feelings of jealousy. She might meet someone too, and when he thought about that it was like someone was repeatedly stabbing a knife through his heart, and there he was clinging on to life, and hoping to live through such agony.
" We'll see." he said very softly, and kept his eyes on the road ahead. When Mia glanced at him his expression was blank, so she could not read his thoughts.


Max was interested in Mia as soon as he met her. A beautiful girl with such a winning smile, and very intelligent too. The only thing that was a bit awkward was her friend Danny, he always seemed to be around. It was clear to see he had a thing about her, but in the five minutes when he had managed to speak to her without Danny, he had found out she was single, and Danny was just a childhood friend, who just happened to be at Cambridge too.
" Can I take you out for a Pizza/" he had asked," Without Danny!" and she had laughed, her blue eyes had lit up with happiness, making him feel great.
" Of course, it's the first time anyone has asked me that."

He was amazed, she's never been out with anyone for Pizza? Then she hadn't lived. He felt very lucky to be the first date of the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. He could sort of understand why Danny stood guard over her, but it wasn't right, she was entitled to live her life.

He arranged to meet her by the river, there was a towpath they could walk along into town. He was so looking forward to spending the evening with her. but couldn't help wondering what Danny would think about it.


When Danny found out that Mia was meeting Max for a Piazza he felt the red hot flames of anger and jealousy coursing through his veins. Hadn't he always protected her from upstarts like Max, who were more than likely only after one thing!. he knew it would be in his own interest not to show his anger, Mia could be quite feisty in an argument, he just had to manipulate the situation a little.
" That sounds good, where are you meeting him.?"
" Down by the river at 7, " said Mia , relieved that Danny didn't seem to mind. People were wrong when they said he was controlling, it just wasn't true.

Danny had managed to get hold of her phone, Mia was so busy getting ready for her date she hadn't noticed. Then he texted Max and asked if he could be there fifteen minutes earlier, and when he got the text back confirming it, he rejoiced inwardly. He put the phone back where she would find it after she came out of the shower, and then took himself to the meeting place. One important thing he knew about Max was he couldn't swim.

He stayed in position behind a tree until Max appeared. It was a deserted spot that not many knew about, and it was so easy to come up behind him and push him into the fast moving current. His last sight of Max was his arms out begging for help before he vanished under the water for the last time.

By the time Mia had arrived, Max's lifeless body was floating on the top of the water, his eyes staring with fear, showing how harrowing his last moments had been. So when he heard Mia scream with anguish he made as though to appear from behind her, gathering her in his arms to protect her.
" It's Max, he';s drowned," she sobbed uncontrollably with shock and disbelief, finding it hard to take in.
" How awful, he must have fallen in. We'll have to phone the police, but first I will try to bring him out."

Mia watched with wonderment as Danny heroically brought out the body of Max. What a tragedy, and how brave of him, with that strong current, to do it. She couldn't seem to stop shaking with shock
" Are you all right Miss?" asked the kindly policeman after the body had been taken away in an ambulance
" Yes I will make sure she is ok." said Danny, his arms tightly around her.
Mia smiled at him through her tears, Strong dependable Danny, always there when she needed him..
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author avatar M G Singh
27th Mar 2015 (#)

nice post

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author avatar Retired
27th Mar 2015 (#)

Absorbing story. Beautifully written as well.

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author avatar Carol
28th Mar 2015 (#)

I am glad you liked it Joyesh

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author avatar Carol Roach
28th Mar 2015 (#)

not story just a tip please always spell out university uni or unis is not right. Also the word you used besotted in very old English and teenagers of today probably would not use it

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author avatar Carol
28th Mar 2015 (#)

Thanks for your comments Carol

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
26th Apr 2015 (#)

Gripping story Carol, but Danny went over the top. I do not know whether he is the right person for lovely Mia but jealousies can lead to ruthlessness - siva

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author avatar Carol
26th Apr 2015 (#)

I think he is not good for her Siva. He is very unbalanced.

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