History Repeating Itself through Sagas of Old

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Once again History is seen repeating itself, in power, greed and man's inhumanity to man in all its terrible forms. This is about a Gladiator, the Champion of Capua at the time of Spartacus....enjoy

Champion of Capua

Crixus a Gladiator was he
Champion of Capua
Glorious in his strength

Tall he stood inside the ring
Where other gladiators against him came
Each one he decimated, killed
Wounds too terrible to perceive

Then cut off their heads he did

To the roar of the crowd
This he was bid
No mercy given
No mercy shown

A killing machine was he

Another Side

And yet another part of him within
Was in a different mode
Care he could with all his heart
A girl quite young
A slave like him
Whose love he did inspire

For her his soulful eyes did search
Whenever she went by
She knew his feelings were for her
And not her mistress Lucretia by name

His job was to entertain in the ring
But also to fuck his domina and get her with child
This he did having no other choice
For to roman nobility everyone else a slave they be
To use and abuse at will

History, Herstory Repeating…

And as I have written
So many times before
The same thing still goes on
In different forms maybe
But still in accord
With what then took place
Man’s inhumanity to man

Now we see the cruel regimes of Africa
The political chaos of the west

America, England heading the rest
Taking away the rights of man
Those given to him under Grace
Not under the Law
A cruel master that be

And whilst the masses hide their heads in the sand
Away from the brilliant light of day

Heedless they are
Engorged on chemicals
Spewed into their food and drink
By purveyors of greed

Those who under a cloak of respectability

It Will Return

Not the slightest inkling have they
Of what the future holds for them
Then they will cry ‘why me, why me’
Their actions of the past up to them catch
In hard and vicious ways

But that is down the line

Now is the time to change their tune
Make recompense for their actions
So they can once more
Look into the mirror and see
Faces of goodness reflected
Not evil in its highest degree

End of a Saga

And what of Crixus you ask
I cannot tell you now as I too
Have to watch the end of the saga
Of Blood and Sand

A telling of Spartacus most profound
Most enjoyable too

With lots of sexual activity
Man fucking man

Woman on top of woman
Two, three or more
It matters not
Pure sensual pleasure it be

In this Time

And in our time
This still goes on
In whorehouses around the land
Where men and women of power

To arouse their senses
Deadened by their lifelessness within

Sometimes into the news it leaks
Especially on the internet

Where so much is exposed
Deny they do with much aplomb
But still we know it is going on


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author avatar Steve Kinsman
28th Apr 2012 (#)

Just awesome.
I wonder if we shall ever learn.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
29th Apr 2012 (#)

never probably....unless of course we do...

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author avatar Funom Makama
29th Apr 2012 (#)

This is magnificient and absolutely beautiful and just as Steve said, would we ever learn?

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
29th Apr 2012 (#)

thank you Funom...

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author avatar Buzz
29th Apr 2012 (#)

The words held me spellbound, dear, the images complementing much the march of beautiful words.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
29th Apr 2012 (#)

thank you too Buzz..was very sad last eve and have written a piece accordingly but always the Light and joy comes through in my articles...I so appreciate your commenting and loved the dedication to you...

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
29th Apr 2012 (#)

thanks again Steve for moderating this and for the moderator advice...I do read and take note...

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author avatar xphantoms
1st May 2012 (#)

Like history, and nice image

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