History of Indonesia, Garuda plane Hijacking in 1981 (Update with Video)

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Dated March 28, 1981 became a terrible memories for them.

Woyla, The Story of Aircraft Hijacking

Garuda DC type 9, with flight number 206 went to Medan from Jakarta. The passengers never thought that day they will experience a most terrible event in his life.
After the plane take off at 10:10 o'clock, five men who later identified as members of the Jihad, to hijacking the plane. Captain Pilot Herman Rante forced fly the plane to Colombo, SriLanka. The pilot stated that aircraft fuel was not enough, and must transit prior to refuel. Finally, the hijackers ordered the pilot to transit in Penang Malaysia.
The first word of piracy spread 10:18 o'clock, when Captain Pilot A. Sapari the Garuda plane that the new F28 taking off from Simpang Tiga Airport, Pekan Baru heard a radio call from GA 206, which reads ".. Being hijacked, being hijacked". News forwarded directly to Jakarta, the shocking news that security officers at the same time also held joint exercises involving all elements of combat troops in East Timor until Halmahera. News was received Deputy Commander of the Armed Forces, Admiral Sudomo who was still in Jakarta. Sudomo passing it directly to the Head of the Strategic Intelligence Center of Benny Moerdani direct contact Kopasandha (now Kopassus) received by the Assistant Operations Kopasandha Lieutenant Sintong Panjaitan. Benny told about Garuda plane had been hijacked, how many hijackers, what the motivation, where the purpose and what his demands are not yet known "... Certainly, I immediately ordered to prepare troops ", recalls Sintong, who at that moment her feet so as not to leave a cast joint exercises. The Government is aware of hijacking a plane owned Garuda airline, immediately took action. Faced with these desires, the TNI and the Government did not give up. Through various diplomatic efforts with the hijackers also Government of Thailand and Chief of Intelligent of The State Lieutenant General LB. Moerdani managed to gain time and get permission from the Government of Thailand.
Saturday night at 10.00 o'clock, Col teddy Rusdi, Benny Moerdani and Sudomo came and met the President of Republic Indonesia, Suharto at his own home at Cendana. The result was Indonesia would take military to free the plane.
Sunday morning the phone rang at the desk Benny. United States Ambassador Edward Masters feared for the safety of its citizens who are in the GA 206 if the military option is. "I am sorry sir, but this is entirely an Indonesian problem. It is an Indonesian aircraft "Benny said. Indonesia emphasized the right to take any step in and arrested the hijackers did not need permission from other countries. We do not guarantee anything... "At 21:00 Sunday night, after getting clearance from the government of Thailand
that the anti-terror troops should land, Indonesia allowed to send aircraft to pick up hostages. Benny decided to use a Garuda DC-10 Sumatra; the plane is faster and longer to fly from DC 9. ".. Because the anticipation of the possibility of a hijacked aircraft would be used to fly to Libya" Subagyo HS recalled that at that time the rank of major in Group IV Kopasandha (now Kopassus - Indonesia Special Forces Commando).
2-day exercise in the hangar with the plane garuda DC 9 has been determined to establish anti-terror Special Forces to eventually arrest the hijackers. It's been two years of anti-terror Special Forces are formed, they continue to practice but never had the chance arise. For the first time, they will do surgery and a more proud, to fight foreign countries in the region. Forces have not left waiting for orders Benny, in charge of operations.
As soon as Benny did not come off the audible command, but "How do you practice?". "Yes sir" replied Sintong. In that time, Benny also directly distributed the ammunition. Sintong remember when Operation Dwikora, new equipment often can be difficult even. Often occurs bullets did not explode, because not accustomed to use. Trauma is still made an impression, so he felt sure, a piece of equipment that has not been tried and use, can be dangerous.

By collecting all the courage, Sintong then said, "No sir, do not share these bullets. We're not used to. "

"Why, this is a good bullet, the newest. Use it.. "Unequivocal Benny

"... We have to try it." Sintong refused.

Benny answers, "... Ok, try them"

Troops immediately find a place for testing. Distributed and fired. The bullets came sound, "Pakh, Pakh, Pakh ". It turned out that none of the bullets fired.

Benny surprised that witnessing the event. Although it was not his fault, but he felt more distressed, more than everything., Sintong muttered, "Thank God we had not left yet ..."

Benny immediately ordered his men to Tebet district to take new ammunition. Anti-terror special forces had deliberately equipped with a lethal type of bullet but will not penetrate the wall plane. Thus, if the battle took place in the cabin, the walls would not be damaged aircraft. But this type of bullet could only stand it meant six months and then had to be replaced new with the new ones. The problem seemed been ignored by logistic officer. After the shipment arrived and replace bullets tested, Benny motioned to go. Sintong glanced at his watch; their flight was delayed more than an hour.

DC 10 aircraft arrived at Don Muang at 00:30, with a camouflaged into the new aircraft flying Garuda from Europe. The aircraft was parked location some distance from Woyla. Vehicles Thai air force troops arrived and a liaison officer to bring Benny to meet with Foreign Minister of Thailand Siddi Savitsila. The talks are deadlocked cause clearance to attack aircraft cannot be given, then the foreign minister in Thailand to reconcile with Thai Prime Benny Prem Tinsulanonda in the morning. After mid-day clearanced for the attack was given by Prime Minister Prem, Benny set, the invasion will be done before dawn. Not forgetting all he had asked officials at Don Muang Garuda prepare coffins for 17 people.

Meanwhile, increasingly fierce tension by setting deadlines for their demands, Yoga patiently serves all kinds of demands on it while playing for time. The same strain was also felt in the cabin, DC 10, waiting is the most annoying. With no solution then the men would strain to no avail, then Sintong ordered his men to sleep. "Almost all of them fell asleep, feeling out of the load. They snore, fights hard... "

Monday evening March 30, 1981, anti-terror forces one by one down from the DC 10. Once again they do the exercise test using a DC 9 Digul. On that occasion, Sintong invited a Garuda's pilot to come watch. Before Sintong off the plane, Sintong have decided to throw his leg braces. ".. commanding officer, led the operation with a stick. "Exercise test went well, all the members know what to do, and Sintong estimates within five minutes of his troops had control of the aircraft.

Once training is complete, a Garuda pilot approached Sintong, "Sir... I'm sorry sir "."Yes what?" Sintong asked want to know.

"Last time when you and your troops in the exercise, it all could be so. If the door opened from the outside, all your men could invade. But if the emergency doors are opened, which directly out rubber launcher for an emergency landing... "

"Oh my GOD..." shouted Sintong. Thank you, thank you "He could imagine, without any such notice, in the raid into the cabin, the men would jump thrown down from the emergency door, emergency launchers hit the stairs.

Then Sintong once again repeated the exercise. Emergence factors ladder rescue from an emergency door, calculated, with these additional inputs, instead finding Sintong deterrence measures. Once the emergency door is opened from the outside, a member must hold an emergency landing stairs rise. At the same time, other members have had to rushed into the cabin.

Benny decided to attack carried out at 03.00. Clock 02.00 o'clock, the troops were ready with combat equipment, camouflage clothing and a red beret. Final briefing was completed. "Wait what? I immediately ordered, left ... "recalled Sintong.

They picked up the car. To maintain confidentiality, the entire army was asked lying on the floor of the vehicle. "I sat on the boys, step on them" Benny said. Sintong very surprised, when the troops had left the car and walked toward Woyla, suddenly, Benny infiltrate into the ranks. This was not in his planed.

Benny's in plain sight, amid rows of uniformed troops. He was wearing a black jacket, his right hand holding a Sub machine gun. These high officers appeared out for the one who was not in uniform and not also wearing a red beret. With a whisper, Sintong ordered the nearest road. "So, Roso, tell him to go. Do not let Benny come... ". "Sir, I do not dare", said Lieutenant Suroso, also in a whisper.

Meanwhile Benny was in the mind, "The best place for me, should be with them ..."

Of course he ignores the fact, that he was a general with three stars. Benny is not a field commander, who must always follow to the risks facing the death forefront. He also did not care, the possibility of stray bullets, it will be able to drag due to fatal. At 02.30 on 31 March, armed soldiers approached the aircraft secretly. The plan for the red team and blue team climbed to the wing plane and waited at the side door. The entire plane's window was closed. Green team will go through the back door. All will go when the code is given. At 02.43, the team also entered Thailand, waiting on the runway so that no terrorists escaped. Code to enter is given, all three teams entered, with the green team first, to find a terrorist in the rear guard. Terrorists fired about one team member in the lower abdomen that is not protected. Hijackers can then shot dead. Blue team and red team came in, shot 2 other terrorists, while the passengers down. The passengers were then told to get out. A pirate with two out of hand grenades and tried to throw but failed to explode. Then the team members shot him before leaving. Last terrorist killed outside the plane.
Medical team and then come to rescue the pilot, Captain Herman Rante, who shot the terrorist in the attack, which unfortunately breath in hospital in Bangkok, few days after the incident.

The operation was carried out by the Group-1 the Command under the command of Lieutenant General (ret) Sintong Panjaitan later and was awarded the Bintang Sakti and was promoted an extraordinary 1 level, except for Mr. Achmad Kirangwho died in operations his rank two-level increase in posthumously. Ahmad Kirang and Herman Rante buried at National Cemetery, Kalibata.


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