Hoarding when too much is too much

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Subjecting children and others to the risks of disease
What does it take for someone to let go of the trash they think has value?
Running out of space to put more results in the piles becoming filled rooms of useless items that should be thrown away. How hard is it to let go of the trash?
I have a personal experience that I am dealing with.
Not myself but my Landlord/Pastor.

Found along side the roadway

Anything that is discarded and left along the roadway becomes his option to gather it and bring it to his home.... or one of his many properties.
Yes lets get to the point, Hoarding is not just a poor mans disease.
My Landlord is very wealthy and has numerous properties. Yet he gathers garbage. A towel on the side of the road will not be left there he will take it home.
Every slip of paper he writes notes on as well as any paper he finds, He has notes strewn about dated 1986. and those are near the top of the piles
At the landfill he will take anything that is discarded even if it is broken and appears not to be in working order. He goes to the furniture store and takes discarded mattresses as well. His home is very large and I am trying to get a handle on it with the help of his wife. They have 5 children in the home and they all seem not to care .

Trash or treasure

Underlying issues hold hoarders captive in their clutter.
Reuses and stores used napkins, paper cups plastic cups and to-go containers as far as keeping used cans . seeds from fruits left to ferment.
No way of letting go in the minds as they accumulate more clutter and trash. Leading to bacteria and potential for disease.

Cleaning the filth... But at what cost?
I ended up in the hospital after cleaning the pantry.
10 days with a fever of 104 and the doctors were stumped for the first 4 days.
Then they found it.

Fever,chills and where am I

Leptospirosis is rare in the continental United States. Hawaii has the highest number of cases in the United States.

Symptoms can take 2 - 26 days (average 10 days) to develop, and may include:

Dry cough
Muscle pain
Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea
Shaking chills
Less common symptoms include:

Abdominal pain
Abnormal lung sounds
Bone pain
Enlarged lymph glands
Enlarged spleen or liver
Joint aches
Muscle rigidity
Muscle tenderness
Skin rash
Sore throat

Leptospirosis the after math

Signs and tests
The blood is tested for antibodies to the bacteria.
Unless your doctor is aware of this disease he may not find it.
Other tests that may be done:
And I highly recommend you look into this disease and take precautions if you work in an area that has the risk factors

Creatine kinase
Liver enzymes
White blood cell count
I felt like I was dying. I could not focus and was unsure where I was.
I lost days I can not remember.
Prevention is worth saving your life.
Avoid areas of stagnant water, Rat and mouse urine and feces . The dust when you sweep it up enters your nasal passages.

Helping the helpless

I still clean for him but it took me 3 months to recover from the sickness. It left me with a fear of his home . Issues are that I wear gloves and mask. Take frequent breaks to breathe and was my hands and arms frequently.
There will always be an underlying fear that I may get it again .
He continues to hoard and has 2 small children that are sickly. I have been warned that he has been to court for situations as this and has won. I suppose he was warning me not to tell it was his house that made me sick.; So yes I still clean and clean and clean with the results that I am making progress but he still hoards and little by little I am being able to hide the clutter but it is at least an organized clutter that you can walk around and the smell is i embedded in the walls so there is not much that can be done except spray bleach and use a pine cleaner to alleviate the smell.
He definitely needs to seek help but feels he has no problem .


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11th Aug 2012 (#)

Environment conscious to the extent of losing sight of own health and safety. Plain obsession - siva

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author avatar Sandralee
12th Aug 2012 (#)

Well his wife hired me and i spent 115 hours cleaning this week. He is due home any moment to a big surprise. A cleaner home environment .

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author avatar Sandralee
11th Aug 2012 (#)

Thanks for the Star johnnydod

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13th Aug 2012 (#)

thanks for sharing :)

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13th Aug 2012 (#)

Thank you Adam great to see you again.

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13th Aug 2012 (#)

:) i cant always get the time to be on here, but i have a week off work so hopefully!

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13th Aug 2012 (#)

Yes i understand time constraints i spent the whole day sleeping after working again on the house mentioned in this writing. Have a great week

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13th Aug 2012 (#)

Thank you :)

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