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The article is about Hockey - its present situation and ways for the improvement of the game . Hope you all like it and please comment your views .

The Present Scenario

With the hockey world cup going on , looking at the performance of Indian hockey team.One would say that Indian hockey has lost its old glory and there is no point of watching the matches.But let me tell you our team which is rather young,inexperienced side is a bunch of spirited,talented players.They only need our support and trust to prove their mettle.Our team has given a tough fight to higher placed teams like Belgium and England.Only the last minute goals that we conceded are disheartening.But provided that many players are playing their first ever world cup , it can be the pressure that may be taking a toll on them.

The Solution

So, what could be a solution to improve our national game.An average person in India who knows something about hockey will say “Change the coach”. In our previous outing where there have been failures , our federation is doing the same thing.But had it done some good to the team?The answer is No.We should give the coach some time to mix up with the players and the sports associations so that young talent is spotted and initiatives are done to train them so that they could play at the national and the international level. In this world cup , the young team now that it has some exposure of the international hockey will learn and improve provided that major changes are not done in the selection of players as well as the coach and the support staff.They should be given at least some time to produce results.

Hockey Nurseries

So , how to get started.Young talent should be spotted at a very early stage and there should be academies which should provide them with international facilities to prepare them to play against the major powerhouses of the hockey world. In these academies which should be opened in every district of the state should also help them in gaining formal education which will help them to get jobs even if they do not make big in hockey. The diet factor is very important.The young players do not get adequate diet which hampers their physical growth which is a very big aspect in modern hockey. The academies such as in Sansarpur have the basic infrastructure but the union and state government both should do their part such as Hockey India could send the coaches,analysts,doctors and the support staff and the state should give them a good astroturf , hockey equipments , diet etc. With the collaboration of schools , more talent could be found at the local level. In this way not only at the senior level , in junior and sub junior level our teams can prove their skills and their abilities which would also help them prepare for the bigger level and provide them with the correct exposure.

Hockey India League

The starting of HIL is a welcome step in the improvement of the game . Another major gain of this year`s edition was the addition of the team "Kalinga Lancers" which is been supported by different P.S.U`s like Indian Oil,NALCO,NMDC etc is a good step which will help in improving financial health of the game . Other addition to the improvement can be made by asking the private companies to invest some of its revenue (say 0.5 %) and getting a tax rebate for it can woo the private companies.The collaboration of the private and public sector could also be an option.

Glamour Quotient

Nowadays , glamour is required by every sport if it has to be popular among the youth .Individuals with fan following can contribute to the game to help it to reach the masses . We have already seen the case with Delhi Waveriders (a team in HIL) whose franchise owner is John Abraham has managed to gain some popularity in bollywood as well as we have seen some actors/actresses going to watch the matches. If there is an increase in the interest in the game by theses stars , it would help hockey to make it itself a youth oriented and a more watchful sport.


After all , if the changes referred in the upper section of the article has to be met , the top management has to work constructively and efficiently for the betterment of the game. There should be no tussle between the state and national associations . There should be plans of induction of the players as coaches or support staff after their retirement so as they earn their livelihood in a good and respectable way, It is the time in which we can do something to revive hockey otherwise it could be too late .


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author avatar Ptrikha
13th Jun 2014 (#)

Glad to see someone writing on Indian Hockey. And it is equally sad to see no comments so far on this article. Considering the kind of attention that sports apart from cricket have received in India, and general public apathy towards sending their kids into sports(excluding cricket), The Indian Hockey team is slowly getting into a reviva mode. In fact, India could have won against Belgium and England if not for defensive lapses in the end. India did manage a draw against Spain and won against Malaysia. However, overall, apart from foreign coaches, Indian team would need critical support, and hockey would need a ground level upliftment in terms of brand building, promoting sports among both rural and urban youth and kids, more sponsorship, and more international level events.

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author avatar Manjot1469
14th Jun 2014 (#)

Thanks for commenting.Yes,hockey needs upliftment.If it gets the necessary exposure,our team can do wonders.

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author avatar Ptrikha
9th Jul 2014 (#)

And Indian Hockey Team needs to improve upon its finishing skills, and not let any defensive lapses.

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