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Asking Hollywood to take up the banner and once again fulfill their role in our history by providing sitcoms and movies that help many of us to better understand world events along with national infrastructure problems. Hollywood was active from the RKO news reels during WORLD WAR II and should take an active part in today's society. Utilize our youth of today to portray events making movies about what is happening. This might best help in the understanding and frustrations of most Americans.

Hollywood Reaches Out to Early Americans!

Ever since the dawn of RKO in movie theaters across America Hollywood has been very instrumental in presenting news reels about events happening around the world. At one time everyone went to the movies to hear about and see what was happening on the front during WORLD WAR II. Hollywood took over giving us an insight to such war criminals as Hitler and others. Movies they made depicted things like Attack on Pearl Harbor to Casa Blanca. Hollywood created such shows as McHale’s Navy and Hogan’s Heroes. Americans and people of other countries were getting main stream information and entertainment.

We need real hero's not Cloned Characters

Many of our Actors were recognized by the movies they made that told a story about what was happening in the war. Producers, directors, and camera people around the world were there to get the scoop. What is happening today? It seems main stream news is coming through minute by minute via satellite, however, there is no real feedback nor story about the events and the people involved. We have cloned such characters as Batman, Superman, Ant Man, and focused on children’s stories. Our head is stuck in the sand not facing the realities of the world.

Past and Present Characters

We have the capability to get on the problems of today and make great movies along with weekly sitcoms. The life of a paranoid family is not what is important at this point in time. We need to start making sitcoms around neighborhoods and communities that have meth dealers, drug runners, gamblers, and other crimes. Hollywood did not run in fear when it comes to making movies about characters like Al Capone, Dutch Schultz along with other criminals. Today it seems making movies about gangs and criminals in our inner cities has scared off the best of writers.

Serious Side of life

It is essential that we do sitcoms that are about real life situations. Not everyone in America is worried about their diet, hair, exercise equipment and Botox. Many Americans today who have been replaced by robots in factories are trying to make a living from service jobs. In many cases, need to rely on food stamps and rent help. Parents fear for their children because of bullies, child molesters, and gang influences. This is the real world in our country today. We enjoyed such shows as Happy Days, One Day at a Time, and Good Times. Once again we need to depict the series side of life with a little bit of humor.

ISIS Needs to be Stopped in their Recruitment

Now one of our big fears is ISIS who tries to recruit our children. Who have cell groups in our neighborhoods planning to bomb us. We fear the inevitable but close our eyes to the facts until it has happened. We need all the help we can get to overcome and once again grow into a stronger nation. The use of guns does not solve our problems. It seems that those in charge are nervous and quick to pull the trigger. This is not the way America needs to go.

Hollywood's Time to Step Up to Bat

Hollywood should once again step up to bat and provide us with entertainment that has meaning and heart. We have many young people that would make good actors and actresses. It is time that talent scouts find them and start using them as a resource for making movies and series that will help us to better understand what is playing out right before our eyes on CNN and MSNBC as well as other news stations. Our grass roots are being determined by narrow minded politicians whose only concern is getting a winning seat in the White House.

Political Disgrace or Eagerness to Conquer the World

For the life of me I cannot understand why politicians would want to take over nation that is filled with so many insecurities, world problems, and failing infrastructure when unable to maintain and keep their own business operating without going bankruptcy. We do need strong leaders who know how to face world oppositions and national problems. Not that I am asking Hollywood to back one canidate over the other. The problems faced by these candidates should be faced squarely by Hollywood. It is now time to start getting serious about our American lives. We need to face our own problems squarely in order to understand how to solve our own problems.

In Conclusion Hollywood where are you?

Hollywood in the past has provided us with news, reviews, heart felt stories, stories on our own undoing’s, life in itself. We need this wakeup call! Where are those who can show us where we are at and what needs to be done. We need to tear down the wall between us and our brothers and sisters. We need to be able to recognize those with mental problems in order to prevent more shootings. Our call to arms should be the “Call to Hollywood” to get busy making our country and the world safer by the use of their abilities to squarely look problems in the eye and present it to us in the forms of sitcoms and movies. We are all in need of gathering up our Spirit which has made America strong and kept America strong!

“Hollywood where are you?” Do not desert us now! Instead help Make America Stronger than ever before. This is your country and our country together we can keep it strong. We can take the power away from those who would destroy us with your help!


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