Home is where the heart is.

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Does it really matter where you live or where you come from if home is where the heart is?

Home is where the heart is.

I am an experienced expat, having lived overseas for more than 20 years. I am used to being away from my home culture and language. I have become used to not quite fitting in, and to making mistakes when learning a new language. It has become normal that there are jokes my friends tell that I just don't get. I have become used to not having certain sorts of foods, and that my children celebrate Christmas differently to me. This is all part of my expat experience.

It seems that there are some aspects of expat life that are common to all of us. We are all seeking a sense of feeling at home in a strange place.

As an expat we are often looking for others who share a similarity with ourselves. In finding this connection there is a momentary recognition of 'coming home' and of sameness amongst all the other things that are not recognisable to us.

I have found the constant searching for connection exhausting, as I never really experienced the moment of arrival and peace that comes with 'getting home'. Home was always somewhere else, it was always further along the line, and never in the moment I was at.

This got me thinking. I wondered if I was missing the point somehow? I wonder if there is another way of enjoying the expat experience?

Every time I meet someone I have the choice about how I see them.

I can see that person as different, and foreign - and maybe someone to be wary of because I don't understand them. If I do this I am making a division between me and them. I am creating barriers that stop communication and connection. I am creating the expat feeling for myself.

What's the alternative?? Why don't I see every meeting as a chance to celebrate mutual humaness? There are many basic human needs that are shared by all of us. The need for connection, communication and recognition among them.

When I can experience people as the same as me- as another human being, living their life story on the planet with me, I can automatically see our sameness. Even if there are immediate external differences, these are less important when compared to the bigger picture.

My search for home gets less critical, every meeting is a chance to make a heart to heart connection and to feel the home coming in the recognition of the beauty of our common human experience- regardless of culture, place or language.

We are all spiritual expats searching for home, we just forgot that home is where the heart is.


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Some of the best things we can offer others is extreme self care sometimes!

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