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Blazer reluctantly gets involved in his school's homecoming tradition, Girls in bikinis with water guns try to soak a boy they like and then get his shirt.


Blazer looked out the window while he was eating breakfast The sun was shining on another hot September day. It was the first day of the new school year and a day he didn't look forward too, the annual homecoming tradition! Blazer watched the boys wearing shirts walk passed his house. Occasionally, he would see a girl sneak up behind a boy and splash water on him. He would have to remove his wet shirt and give it to her as a trophy.

Blazer quietly left the table and grabbed his books. As he started out the door, Sis called "Blazer," she yelled. "Wait!" Blazer stopped and looked behind him. Sis was wearing her bikini and carrying a huge water gun and an old shirt.

"You forgot something," she said giving him the old smelly shirt "Oh no,' he said "do I have to wear a shirt today?" he said with his sad eyes.

Sis forced the old shirt over her twin's head "it's a tradition," she said. "all the boys are wearing shirts today."

"But I hate wearing shirts," he protested "and It's too hot to wear this smelly old shirt."

Blazer started scratching his chest "And you know shirts make me itch," he said. Sis looked at him with a smile.

"And this shirt smells like you never washed it," he said sniffing the shirt.

"I haven't," she said "since the last time you wore it."

"Why do I have to wear an old itchy and smelly shirt?" he asked scratching under his arms. "Don't you have a clean shirt?"

"All the boys wear shirts on homecoming day," Sis said ignoring her brother
and all the girls wear bikinis."

"The girls use the water guns to show their interest in a certain boy," she said "by getting him wet and taking his shirt so he has to spend the day at school bare chested."

"And embarrassed," Blazer added. "stupid tradition."

Blazer tried to take the shirt off "Blazer don't you want to join in the fun?" Sis asked pulling the shirt back on him.

"No," he said. But Blazer kept the shirt on anyway. He would just take it off later.


Blazer walked to school. The shirt made him feel hot and sweaty. Small pools of water formed under his arms. He was constantly scratched his chest. The more he scratched, the more he wanted to remove the shirt and throw it away. Blazer stopped to watch two girls jump from behind a tree and soak a boy with their water guns. The boy removed his wet shirt and gave it to the giggling girls. The girls ran off with their prize.

Blazer tried to keep out of sight, but still felt like someone was following him. Blazer kept looking behind his back but no one was there.

"maybe I won't get tagged," he thought "how many girls really like me anyway?" Then he thought about Benny and smiled.

Blazer did everything he could to keep from being tagged by some girl with a water gun filled with cold water.

Blazer saw some girls fighting over Glen Colusa's shirt. He just stood there with his muscular chest visible through his wet fur. Other girls formed a circle around the fourteen year old boy.

Blazer was nearly hit by water several times, mostly by girls targeting another boy. He knew that if he was soaked it would be a mistake. Blazer crossed the street near his school when a young girl stepped from behind a tree and tried to hit his chest with a spray of water. Blazer jumped out of the way.

Before Blazer arrived at school, another young girl wearing a red bikini and swim goggles jumped in front of him and splashed him with water. The wet shirt clung tightly to his small chest.

"Well," the girl said holding out her hand "take it off."

Blazer removed the wet shirt and gave it to the girl. She smiled and hugged the old shirt. The girl ran away smiling "I got Blazer's shirt," she yelled happily.

Blazer was surprised because this has never happed to him before.

The other girls at school looked at Blazer's chest with disappointment. A lost opportunity because these girls were planning to get him before he went to class. A false sense of security when the boy would let his guard down.

Blazer sat on a concrete bench outside his home room. Benny say next to him. The girl had several shirts over her shoulder. She gave him a towel. "I knew you would need this." she said.

"Thanks," blazer said taking the towel He wrapped the towel around his wet chest. Benny frowned.

"It would be a shame to hide your cute little chest all day." she said hugging his neck.
Blazer smiled and removed the towel.

"Next year I'll get your shirt," she said.


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14th Dec 2014 (#)

An interesting tradition. An awesome read thanks for sharing your article.

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