Honey, are you bleeding to death from your injuries? Don't worry, I'll call for help some time when I'm sober

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Oh for goodness sake, what is this we hear now? Auntie Marienne, the woman who is suffering from Steele Richardson Olszewski disease, who falls over and injures herself all the time, so we moved her to a flat where they have help on standby at the push of a button, seems the subject of discussion again.

Honey, are you bleeding to death from your injuries? Don't worry, I'll call for help some time as soon as I'm sober

Apparently she fell again some time, we assume after or before taking a shower, because the staff on call found her naked on the floor, bleeding from her head like a faucet, too drunk to get up.

Her husband Kees didn't call them, so they assume he was drunk again too and didn't want to call them and come see him drunk. So, if he was planning on calling for help, he was going to do it some time later when he has sobered up. We hope.

Anyway, Father and Uncle Gus had arranged which one of them will do what to put Auntie Marienne's finances in order, but it seems in the end Father is doing everything again because Uncle Gus simply can't seem to arrange something with that evil institution that rapes people (I'm referring to the bank).

So, this weekend Kees and Auntie Marienne come stay over so that Father can take her to the bank and get things in order. Fortunately it doesn't take long because Father knows how to negotiate. Banks always want to make people suffer and tell them that they can't help them with anything, because of "regulations" and "policies" and "reserve bank laws" and "my supervisor" and whatever lies. Truth is, EVERYTHING is negotiable. And with everything, I mean EVERYTHING. I have learned that myself once when I went into a dramatic battle with a bank, but that's another story for later.

Father soon sorts things out with Auntie Marienne's banking affairs, and on the way home it seems she's another person. Well actually she's always another person; now she just seems to be her old self again. She talks intelligently and happily and even shares some deep thoughts with Father. Not very happy thoughts though, as Father and her talk about life and she tells him how extreme it is; just think how at their age, life can only get worse now, and will never get better again. Their health will simply deteriorate slowly but surely and then fast.

Well, the weekend is fun with Kees and Auntie Marienne. It seems maybe what their problem is, is that they get lonely and then start to drink and then they become pathetic white trash living only to make themselves suffer. But as soon as they are brought into family company again and can enjoy their time with other people, they seem allright, and like the decent people we know they are inside.

Humans are strange creatures. Poor things, you can only feel sorry for them living in a society structure that sabotages them and doesn't provide for their normal, human needs, like the company of an abundance of other human beings for example in a friendly environment. And if they start showing problems, they are usually treated in ways that accellerate the problem. Somebody should help them. Not me though; I'm far too much of an introvert :)

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