Hopping to greener pastures

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This poem takes a critical look at the prospect of having multiple partners at the same time. It is designed to make people think twice about having many romantic relationships at the same time as well as using these partners just for sex. It gives the reader a look at the many postives of having a secure romantic relationship based on trust, repect, honesty and many other values other than just sex.

The grasshopper

I see him bouncing through the green grass totally unaware,
If only he could see the enemy's deadly stare.
It waits patiently, preparing its fangs,
The hopper would fair better against countless gangs.
Its venom is worse than a terminal disease,
It's more like swimming in the darkest seas.

The more he hops around the more enemies will become aware,
He may be on his toes but he's certainly no hare.
Movement makes the habitat a stranger,
Even the grass itself becomes a danger.
All adversaries thrive on him being a nomad,
With all the self-inflicted poison he may not live to be a dad.

Even if he is lucky enough to be a parent,
His health may by then be so incoherent.
He must learn to appreciate the love of his surrounding,
Looking for greener grass will deny him proper grounding.
One surrounding will prevent too much attention,
The heart functions better without all that tension.

His tiny, yet huge heart needs to have piece of mind,
It needs to leave the uncertainty behind.
Getting used to a background means learning how to survive,
In time he will learn how to feel alive.
When will he learn to embrace a familiar place?
Running around is like repeatedly changing his face.

Finally he is beginning to understand,
He has banished the search for a one-night stand.
His face looks greener than the grass,
Amazingly his body looks smoother than brand new glass.
The smile he wears has a lot of class,
Happiness dare not pass.
It took a while but now he is a dad,
Knowing life's lessons will mean he won't be that bad.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
23rd Dec 2012 (#)

wow...pretty deep this Prienderen...thank you and happy holidays...

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