Horror: A Knife In The Dark

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This horrible story may happen to anyone in reality if not careful in choosing someone to date with, to love with and marry with.Knowing someone's character takes months and years.Never be in a hurry,wait for the right time and the right person to avoid regrets at the end.

Horror: A Knife In The Dark

"What a peaceful evening," Dian said.She then decided to wander along the bushes.
The moon stood steadily.Her thought was so deep.There are many wonderful things she was thinking about her love Pett.

She met Pett two weeks ago and some impenetrable feeling grows in her heart. Pett whispered unto hear ear softly a night ago," Babe, I am in love with you."

" Are you sure of it?"Dian said.

" How fast." She added.

Pett answered," Don't you notice how our heart beats, so fast." " It is same way how a love grows,so fast." Pett said abruptly."

Oh," Dian said." I am also afraid that I start to fall for you." She said.

" Why afraid?' " I am here to protect you."

Then Pett told Dian to have their first date the next day for it is a Friday and the moon is set to show its full crown and shadow.Dian asked Pett the place of their date.She was thinking of a very lavished restaurant.She was also guessing that it might be in a movie house to watch their favorite movie entitled " Run Baby Run." This is a suspense story where lovers ended in tragedy.

Finally Pett whispered to her very caressingly." In our favorite rendezvous near the river where bushes grow mysteriously."

Oh,why there Pett?" Dian asked. " There might be venomous snake." She added.

" Fear not snake,fear only bad human." " But I am not bad,so never worry for my feeling for you is pounding in copious every second."

"That is how my feeling for you minute to minute compounding." Pet assured his love of life.

That evening Dian arrived ahead of Pett in their dating place.While waiting her love, she amusingly watched the moon also looking at her angrily.She wondered why the moon looked at her that way.

After some minutes of waiting, Dian decided to see the other side of the bushes.They are so robust and green.Then she saw something that flashed near the bushes.It is covered with dry leaves.She came nearer and she was so terrified for she saw a very sharp knife.That sharp knife was pointed on the bare ground.

She wanted to run but her feet hard and heavy to carry.Then she heard some footsteps.She was relieved." Pett is here now."

She was about to stand when she noticed the footsteps disappearing.She also noticed the moon dimmed.Her heart beats so very fast.She could not shout.After few seconds she saw a shadow standing near the knife.She did not move.She watched the shadow.It knelt and to her surprise saw Pett pulled the knife and lick the sharp point.

Run Baby Run

Dian realized that Pett had a bad attempt for her.She remained very still.She was thankful for the moon for it dimmed again.She was back to her senses when Pett called her name." Dian Babe, where are you?" " He shouted much louder now and saw his shadow very wild while raising the knife unto air.He wore black t-shirt and black shorts.

Dian did not answer.She cannot describe her fear.She was shaking,trembling.Pett called her again.She then crawled to escape.There were ants biting her.She did
not mind the bite.She was near the road when the moon showed its broad and round-shape face to guide her exit.

Dian turned back and she saw Pett ." Babe," " I'm here now." " Come back." " Wait me." " Where are you going?"

This time, the voice of Pett seemed like a hungry lion that wanted to devour her.She did not say a word.She continued running,but too bad, she stumbled and fell to the ground.

Pett reached her and so mad that he kicked her leg.She felt the pain and Pett raised his hand with the knife and laughed like crazy.She begged not to kill her.Pett did not listen to her.His eyes dilated when he saw the well-shaped legs of Dian.

He ordered Dian to pull-off her clothes.She refused.She shouted only she heard.Pett
continued dilating his eyes.It seems not anymore the loving and kind Pett.He pulled
off her pants.She sobbed desperately.She told Pett , " You are son of the bitch."
" You fooled me." " I hate you." Pett just laughed mockingly ha,ha,ha,ha !!! " Why do you fool yourself too?"

Dian close her eyes.She saw Pett about to rape her.She cannot defend herself.He holds the sharp knife.He started kissing her when the moon shook the earth in total darkness.Pett stopped for awhile to position himself.Dian gripped his hand and point the knife to his heart.Pett was so mad that he suddenly stood up to bring Dian to the bushes only to stumble where Dian stumbled.When Pett dropped to the ground,the knife hit his foolish heart.

Now the moon proudly lit the world and give way to Dian to her home.

Moral lesson: Never trust anyone right away..friendship is built for years and so with love...


Afraid So Much, Cry, Fear, Help Someone Help, Hide, Nowhere To Run, Treachery

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author avatar RBB1010
7th Sep 2014 (#)

Hey ..this was good, thanks.

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author avatar Erly
7th Sep 2014 (#)

hehehehehehe,thanks Ronnie...I wondered too..Thanks for the cheer of this horrible short story yet goodness triumphs....

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author avatar ITgirl1011
8th Sep 2014 (#)

This happens to reality mam.. Thanks for the warning!!

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author avatar Erly
8th Sep 2014 (#)

You can write a story based from your imagination and reading.Thanks too.

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author avatar Erly
9th Sep 2014 (#)

Itgirl, this really happens in reality..

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author avatar Jo Valois
10th Sep 2014 (#)

Indeed reality, this is a big warn to us to choose carefully to date with and also to love with cause we never knows only god can tell hehehe cheers Ms.erly!!!

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author avatar Erly
10th Sep 2014 (#)

hehehehehe Thanks Jhong...you are right we have to choose the right one for many are corrupt this time...

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