Hosanna: Praise or Demand

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This is the summary of a sermon my pastor preached a few months ago - well, my take away from it anyway.

The Sermon

In Christian language, the word, Hosanna, is a word of praise and is seen as a sign of love and joy. However, yesterday, I got introduced to the word as a work of not praise but demand or perhaps more correctly a word of praise with an expectation of what that praise was for. I was taken somewhat aback because I had always heard it used and referred to as a simple word of praise. That is the intent with which Christians have used the word and thought of it for long years.

The sermon was along the lines of defining the word in its hebrew meaning, which, the preacher advised us was "deliver us". So we were provided a picture of palm sunday wherein the people had expectations. Jesus the Christ was going to get rid of the Roman invaders and all the corruption in the life of the Hebrew people caused, at least as they saw it, by that rule.

Seen with that expectation in mind, it is not as hard to understand why some of those same people might have yelled "crucify him" a week later. He had not overthrown Roman rule, he had not lived up to their expectations. They saw him, as a sort of traitor. We were then asked if we were among those singing Hosanna in expectation of a certain outcome or out of pure worship?

This analysis changed my whole view of the easter story and helped me understand why the crowd so quickly turned against Jesus. Not to just take one speakers words totally to heart without some clarification, I did some online research and according to all that I found, admittedly wikipedia the preacher was right on about the meaning and probable intent of the word.

So, when the Jews yelled with adoration "Hosanna", they were saying "deliver us now!!" and meant from Roman rule. Kind of gives us something to think about regarding our own expectations doesn't it?!. Are we open or coming into the easter season with an agenda.


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1st Mar 2015 (#)

Praise the LORD for all the good things He has done for us! To me is praise. I think, I personally study further of what some leaders of faith says, because, many times they teach based on bible teachings, but many times they preach based on their own way of thinking, A bible dictionary with a Study Bible, I have refer too, many times.

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author avatar Carol Roach
1st Mar 2015 (#)

wow I did not know that either, thanks for writing about it. Vickie do you know how to follow me here?

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