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Being admitted to the hospital for any reason is a stressful event, but add a little comedy and stressors ebb just a little making the experience a little more tollerable.

A day in the hospital

How many of you have ever been victims of inpatient incarceration at any hospital? I can tell you that as of this date, I have experienced my third incarceration in the last five months. I have adored the people who took care of me. The doctors were fabulous; nurses were beyond heavenly many whose names I don't recall along with employees extending outside of my room including but not limited to, transporters, x-ray technicians, phlebotomists, dietary and assistants of all types. I apologize if I cannot remember names; just know you’re valued in all your jobs, tremendously.
The incarceration aspect of hospitalization needs to be worked on. The admission process was easy enough and being escorted to your room was pleasant. But the stay goes downhill from there. Your attention is directed to the bed that looks older than the hospital, with your full line wardrobe sitting in the center. This consists of a gown, socks in place of slippers and sometimes, a blanket. During the first day, three tests outside of my room were required. Blankets are needed for those of us who must be moved down tornado wind hallways that will cover toes or stay tucked in around the feet. The hallways are busy, flooded with people going every which way and noisy. The last thing any patient needs is a flimsy gown flapping in the gale force winds with no blanket to cover the unmentionables.
Food is drastically in need of restructuring. I think that for breakfast, patients should receive more than half an egg and dried up mini muffin. Black coffee delivered was indescribable; I have never had the pleasure of tasting such bitterness covered up with a splash of cream. I suppose it wouldn’t be so distasteful if the breakfast had been warm, but by the time the trays arrived on the floor, temperature description was left to the imagination.
Attire; hospital gowns come with the fashionable gaping slit in the back that has been around for years. This allows manufacturers the use of such statements, "One size fits all." This product is in desperate need of new fashion design. I weigh 128 pounds and stand 5 feet 2 inches tall. The beautiful colorful attire that I am more than overjoyed to adorn is six sizes too large and two sizes too long. It is not recommended wearing your own pajamas because they may become soiled and as of my last evening with them, I found that to be true. One of my IV's was removed from my left arm. I got up to use the rest room and couldn't understand why my gown, arm and pajama bottoms were soaking wet. I looked to my left and blood was literally pouring down my arm. A calamity that soaked four folds of the first gown, through the next fold of the next gown, I had on two, through my pajama leg bottom and puddled on the floor. “EEEK,” was all I could say. I grabbed the already soaked gown, stuffed it into my elbow holding tight, (still needed to wipe my bottom) and walked out looking like something from a horror show. I know that most hospitals are "for profit" but please at least allow us women not wear a 'one size fits all' gown. This problem could be easily fixed with the idea of gender specific gowns by coloring ladies with yellow and pink patterns, if nothing else, or at least pink ties. Hospitals are very ‘fall’ conscience oriented, but if certain short people are forced to wear the two size too big tents, falls will increase. I have tripped several times in the last few days and I really didn’t want to tell them, I am a clumsy person to start with. (I was positive I did not want the staff to know that particular quality of mine, they would have shackled me to my bed!
All in all, my hospital stays were for being what they were, mostly enjoyable yet treatment with kind and compassionate care. However, the next time I need a vacation, I pray it will be in the Caribbean or Italy or somewhere that I will be wearing very sexy clothing carrying a beach or touring theme bag.
Have a blessed healthy day, remember do your work to stay healthy and have your yearly check-ups. Avoid hospital incarcerations if any way possible and if for some reason you are subjected to confinement, May it be a pleasant and a helpful experience.


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