How Bullying Has Changed

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Bullying has been going on for a very long time, but through the years how a person is bullied has changed.

How Bullying Has Changed

Bullying has been going on for a very long time, but through the years how a person is bullied has changed. When I was growing up , if someone teased us by calling us names or bossing us around, it was totally overlooked by teachers and parents . We were just kids being kids, everyone did it, as long as we were not fighting (physically) no one paid much attention to us and we were ok. Well, they were so wrong about that..
If teachers and parents understood more back then about how being mistreated by our classmates would effect us today, maybe they would have done something to stop it before it reached the point it has.

Kids today are committing suicide because they can't deal with the pain any longer. This has to stop. By listening to our kids and understanding the problems they are having and educating them at a early age , hopefully we will be able to keep them safe and they will grow up feeling good about themselves.

At a early age we start to teach them the difference between right and wrong, so why can't we teach them why it is so wrong to bully someone. There are so many different books available that parents can use to help teach their kids about this even before they start school and also it can teach them what to do if they are bullied. When parents and teachers work together good things seen to always happen.

We have to remember that the effects of bullying can last a lifetime and we need to stop over looking it no matter how small scale it is when it happens.



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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
2nd Aug 2014 (#)

Not only bullying, there are other hurts that I have endured as come exclude another within their circles. At a tender age they are more hurtful. However, I feel children should also get a feel of the real world and should not become too soft - siva

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