How Child Cares for the Granny - A Short Story Dedicated to Christmas and Elders

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It is a story about a child who goes to school for the first day. What he tells to her granny is something very amazing. It has lots of child - granny fun in it. Written as if English as Third Language, it is one of my best short-stories. Thanks!

William Meets Granny

“How are you granny?” William asks while hugging his granny.

“I am fine my child, how was your first day at the school? Good or bad?” she hugs and asks with a deep smile, glowing with beautiful wrinkles, the deep image of her childhood and school days.

“That is about what I have come to tell you before going to bed. It was a very different day. You know after meeting the head teacher I went to the classroom. My teacher asked me many questions” he seems to recall every moment.

“What did she ask, William?” The granny asks.

“She asked me my name, dads and mum’s name. You know she did not ask your name. So I told her that your name is Mrs. Grand Lloyd,” he smiles.

“O my child, you are so nice. You know; never say anything without the teacher’s permission. It is not a good manner. Is it all right?” She feels a crown of honor on her head when William tells her that he told his teacher about her on his first day.

“Well, you know granny she said to me feel free to ask anything. Ha … ha… ha!” he starts to laugh.

“William what is it, please tell me,” she enjoys.

“Granny you know my teacher could not give answers to the questions that I asked her,” he smiles.

“Did you ask silly questions?” the granny asks.

“I just asked what you have told me, you know. I asked her what is it that comes twice in a week but only once in a year. She thought and laughed. Then she asked me what the right answer was?” his innocence was adding colors to granny’s smile.

“It is “a”. What else did she ask?” granny asks while answering the question.

“Yes, when I told her she laughed and explained it to other students. All laughed in the classroom. I asked her what is common between Happy Christmas and Happy New Year. You know what her answer was. Ha… ha… ha!” he again laughs.

“What was it, William same as ours or different?” she also laughs.

“It was different she said that the word “Happy” is common in these two. She asked me if she was right. I said not exactly, I told her that the day on which we celebrate Happy Christmas is same as the 1st of January every year. She was very happy to know. Granny, do you know what she asked me?

“What did she ask, William?” She looks at him while looking her own image in his innocence.

“She asked me who tells me all about such things. I told her that my granny tells. She asked what else you tell me,” he said to granny.

“What did you say?” the granny is very pleased to hear all that she has taught him.

“I told her that you tell me that there are many things which we learn, but the teachers can explain it in a better way. She said it is a little bit wrong. I did not feel happy,” he thoughtfully says.

“She said we have to learn everything together. I did not ask her anything because she said that you are wrong, but she asked me that you have the answer. What is it?” he seriously wants to know.

“She is right you know if you learn at home and school, it will make you an intelligent student. Can you do this, my child?” she asks.

“Granny in a week if we miss “e” and use the letter 'a' in it makes it weak. I want to be strong, not weak” he smiles and hugs granny.

They share other many things as granny tells him stories before he goes to bed. She knows that playing with words is more beautiful than doing so with emotions. Granny cares both her children and grandchildren.

Daily Moral Insight for a Peaceful Night

Is not it a real life experience hearing children’s experiences at school?

Is not deep affection between children and grandparents a special gift for one’s childhood and same for the old ones, the grandparents?

Is not it a beautiful to unify verbal education at home and what we learn at school?

Is not the Happy Christmas an invitation to a Happy New Year as granny tells William?

Is not it the beauty of self-development if we learn together for creativeness?


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author avatar ittech
18th Jan 2012 (#)

Sounds great.

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author avatar Dr. H. Singh
18th Jan 2012 (#)

Thanks for the sound! I have shared this story without editing anything as if a draft. It seems a fiction as if no grammar used, and reminds how I started to write. To encourage us to write anything so that we have something to share in words. Thanks!

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author avatar Denise O
20th Jan 2012 (#)

What a sweet story. Since I am a first time grandma, you know this story speaks to my heart. Nice one, it made me smile. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Dr. H. Singh
23rd Jan 2012 (#)

Thanks for liking and appreciating it. The grandchildren and grandparents give parents the art of learning and living. For the kid granny is someone, who is really a Great Mother or Father, is not it. Thanks!

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