How I got scammed by Bubblews

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Bubblews often sends messages to it's bloggers telling them that their accounts have been manipulated-meaning that someone has clicked on too many of their blogs in too short of a period of time and they refuse to pay them. This is no fault of the blogger,it is totally Bubblews scam policy.

Bubblews Scammed Me

I have a passionate blog that I am going to write but before I do I need to explain why because after I am done posting it really is going to look like I am trying to earn a pat on the back and nothing could be further from the truth.

No, the reason why is because it recently dawned on me that I am an endangered species because I happen to not only believe in the principles that America was built upon but I enact them in my daily life as well. Truth,justice,freedom,morals, and values.

Unlike lower species there will be no extinction list for the last of my kind. Only this note is left behind (to be consumed under layers of techno dust never to be seen again) because in a few more generations the concepts I mention before will be bygone relics of the past.

I recently ran across a website whose slogan is "speak freely" and when in fact they have some of the heaviest censorship policies online anywhere. the name of it is Bubblews. That slogan is a bald faced lie.

What is so wrong with one website deceiving the public and why is it important enough for me to get my proverbially panties in a wad?

For starters Bubblews is a blogging platform. For years advertisers have demanded that paid to blog sites remain heavily sanitized through censorship filters so that they wind up being full of nothing more than stepford wives discussing how to bake bread.

This is a little different because Bubblews gives the impression by it's speak freely slogan that there will be no censorship.

This is representative of the break down in morals and values in our society. I take heavy offense to that. Any form of deception is considered a scam, so I have reported their facebook page and I have alerted their advertiser to their deceptive practices.

Remember what I am about to say-America's slogan is "truth, liberty,freedom,justice" and those concepts come from morals and values. We as a society have long ago forsaken those very principles. Corporate greed dictates our lives as citizens.

You can literally turn anywhere and see how our society has been destroyed by our collective snubbing of what our for fathers wrote about in the constitution and the bill of right. There are literally millions of examples and causes that need to be protested.

There in lies the problem.

When I was growing up there was almost no censorship and people placed high value on morals. After the decades of my youth passed by the deception began.

First we had the book bans on famous authors like Mark twain.

Then we had the Columbine shootings

Then we had a war that has lasted over a decade.

Yeah,babies are going to continue to die. Instead of learning their A-B-C's they will learn what maggots taste like from the grave. The decepetions that pervade our existence guarentee that.

Yeah, the wars will continue with no end. Because EVERY person on the face of the earth who has access to a computer can clearly see for themselves that America has broken down and no longer posseses the great inner strength we once had. Foreign countries know America only cares about advancing it's corporate greed through telling lies and deceit to it's own people.

Does it really matter that ONE company amongst many rakes in finances based off of a bold faced lie about speaking freely when in fact in enforces a great deal of censorship?

I don't know-why don't you go ask the dead children from the school shootings and the dead husbands,fathers,and sons from the war what they think about it? You can find them in almost every graveyard. Their address is easy to locate.

This is the legacy we leave the next generation. Instead of standing up for what is right we set back down and watch the companies that have perverted honesty sign more deals that will ultimately increase business for the funeral parlors.

Our silence is the affirmation that these corporations need in order to continue to sell our freedom into slavery bound by chains of copper pennies.

What can you do about it? Start by reposting this where you think people will see it the most. Open communication is the key to ending the woes that trouble our society.

Just so everyone understands how real this issue is and exactly how real I am allow me to continue.............

Yes,protesting for a good cause is inconvenient. But it is FAR more inconvenient for the soldiers who fight for freedom to be away from their wives and kids for months on end.

Yes,protesting for a good cause is emotionally painful. But is is FAR more painful for the soldiers who fight for freedom to take a shot to the heart and die.

Yes, protesting for a good cause is scary. But it is FAR scarier for a child to stare down the barrel of a crazed gunman who is disgruntled with America and know they will not be going home.

What is the difference?

I will not be covered by their blood. Because silence also would make me an accomplice to ALL of their deaths. When I stand and pledge allegiance to the flag. I really mean it.


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author avatar Janelle Coulton
10th Jul 2013 (#)

I think that i missed the point of your article. You say that they deleted your account for manipulation by someone else. sounds like a scam. I write there and have been paid up until this week, it's been a week and nothing. so I think the gravy train is over. Too good to be true.

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author avatar aditya2seo
13th Oct 2013 (#)

Bubblews scammed me too!! I joined teckler,

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