How I was turned into Radio-Active Man!

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Pollution of the environment is a common everyday occurence. We don't care though because we don't die from it immediately. But mining activities of all sorts are creating pollution that are entering our bodies and wreaking havoc. We still don't care though because we have medical thingies that make us survive a little longer, until we finally do die. Now let's get onto such a tale of pollution by a mine:

Green tea, yellow residue

I love my cup of green tea. I love it in a beautiful cup. So warm and comforting.

One thing that bothered me was the thin layer of residue of sorts floating on each cup, whenever I make it with water from the kitchen tap. I imagine this is limestone residue. It collects all inside the kettle too. I must say, I really don't like this residue at all. But, I just drink it.

I found a solution fortunately: I simply use bottled water from the store now. It seems to make me a perfectly clean cup of tea, and the kettle stays clean too! It's a shame our water straight out of the earth is so limey. Or dirty. Or whatever it is. Salty maybe? Dunno but it leaves residue. Even in the sink.

Anyway, no longer thirsty, Majesty and I can go for our walk. We love to take long walks for exercise.

Yellow rivers

Ah, how beautiful is the valley... the mansion is on top of the hill, and at the bottom of the hill is the river, that runs sometimes but so many people upstream have tried to capture the water for themselves by building a dam on their property, and as each of them added a dam upstream, less and less of the stream made it our way. We really only see the river flow during the raining season, when there is so much water that all the dams upstream overflow, or break.

Majesty and I have for years enjoyed the beauty of the area. It's really food for the soul.

However, one thing has bothered me a bit from time to time once in a few years. I think the first was around 1994, when I noticed that when I swim in one of the dams upstream, and I disturb the bottom soil, it colors the water yellow.

Yellow you say? Yes. What is it? Is it the hue of the soil around here? Dunno.

I do remember though that one time in 1993, I took one of my school friends upstream and we found a dead fish in the river. I didn't even know there were fish in here, and yet the servants told me that when they were little, the fish used to flourish in this river. I never once saw a fish. What happened to them? And when I do see my first fish in it, it's dead.

One time Majesty and I walk over the bridge. The river is in flood. But what in blazes is this? It looks like a foam bath. I knew sometimes when water gets all washed up and down and mixed with mud, it might make some foaminess. But what in blazes is this? It looks like there is just a smidge too much foam to be all natural. Did a truck transporting an entire load of bubble bath, capsize into the river? I wonder. Pollution I figure.

As the years passed, I made movies in that river, both when it had water and when it was dry. Many times Majesty and I took the boat out on it. And we swam in it, enjoying the fantasticness of it all.

And then one time, when it had flooded and the water was dissipating, I saw in the mud in the bottom, there is yellow soil. It just looks unnatural.

The only natural element or mineral I can think of that would be yellow, is sulphur. That was the first time I suspected there might be a sulphur mine some distance upstream. I even told Mother about it, but none of us really knew anything about it so with time, it was forgotten again.

Majesty and I are walking on the bridge again one day, and I look down at the very low water level. It's so low, the stones and rocks at the bottom are just an inch or so under flowing water. But again, it doesn't look too natural. They're a yellowish-green. Is moss growing on it? No, that's not moss green. That's some sick yellow color. I do hope that one day, I shall know what is causing these unnatural colors.

Chick does study on mining pollution

And then one day, Father and Mother hear something interesting. Some chick or other who is a student at the university in Unitown, has been doing a study as part of her course work. She's been doing it for the past three years. It's a study on testing water for impurities or toxins or something, I'm not too sure about the details on what is what.

The reason the news about her study is traveling, is because farmers upstream have been complaining that their cattle have been dying like flies. Suspecting the water, they got to hear of this chick who is testing the river for toxins.

And the news is bad. Very, very bad. The river has been lethally poisonous for years, containing among many toxins arsenic, and being completely radio-active.

Envirofighters, assemmmmmmmmble!!!

This morning, I'm awakened by noises coming from the living room of Tower Mansion. I walk to the living room in my pajamas to find Mother and Father moving furniture and chairs around, turning the place into a conference room. Immediately they put me to work too. This afternoon, all the farmers of the area will be assembling here so we can discuss what needs to be done about the situation.

I ask Mother if I should tell Waldorf to be here too, and she says it's a good idea. So I go speak to Waldorf. He doesn't know anything of the pollution. How can this be? I have told even the servants. Nobody must have told him.

Anyway, I tell him the water is toxic and radio-active.

"And we drink this water??" he says.

"Yes, it's the water we're drinking." I reply.

"That explains a lot!"

"Like what?"

"Like why my doctor has been looking at me strangely."

"Why, did he say your insides are glowing green?"

"No, it's my kidneys. They're not looking too good."

"Right. Well anyway, we're going to discuss the matter of the pollution this afternoon at 2:30."

"I'll be there!"

So, this afternoon we all have a meeting. It's led by an oldish big man, who has assembled a lot of information about the subject. It was a bit difficult for me to follow, because it's a lot of information.

However, I do smell a rat in all this again - it seems that the Unitown city council has known about this for a while, in fact that student who is doing the study is doing it for them. However, they haven't cleaned up the mess; in fact they recently bought the mine for a "community development" project, and have let the pollution continue. So far it's more of a community destruction project.

I'm guessing somebody in it might be using this to contaminate all the farms of the area, in order to render the farms useless, strip them of any value, and then buy them all up for cheap so they can mine.

And that's exactly what has happened - the land is now radio-active and even if they cleaned up all the toxins, the soil will stay radio-active for the next 20,000 years at least. There is no fixing this. No animals can live on it, no crops can be grown on it because everything will be radio-active.

Anyway, basically the issue is this: Indeed there is a mine upstream, and what's worse, the owner has long gone overseas and just left it in a mess. The problem comes ever since the 90's.

There are entire dams of toxic radioactive sludge and heaps of radio-active waste, that just plain runs into the river, especially when it rains. And it has been killing everybody's animals and crops all the way from the horizon in the North to the horizon in the South. It also killed people; one guy's kidneys couldn't handle all the toxins and the guy got so huge and fat like a swollen balloon, until he just plain died.

However, all of us in this discussion group don't really know what to do about this now. But the man leading the assembly knows: We must all stick together, and refuse to sell our farms until all the toxic pollution has been cleaned up for all these miles, even if we do sell then afterwards. They will try to approach us one by one (and indeed some people have already been so approached) and try to get us to sell. Don't. Just hang on, even if you can't use the farm anymore. We will not be paid fairly for a toxic farm, so they MUST first clean up all the toxins.

Father is chosen as one of the leaders of the group who will have to start working on this on Monday, approaching all the government departments and all the Agriculture associations they can, for help. And we must have the water on our properties tested immediately, to see if it is still safe to drink.

We on Tower Hills have a problem I'm afraid; our borehole is standing right in the river. It is almost certain that we have been drinking toxic radio-active water, and taken our baths and showers in radio-activity, and washed the cars and watered the grounds and vegetables and washed our clothes in radio active poison.

The leader of the assembly asks for a bottle of our water immediately; he'll have it tested straight away. Waldorf runs to go get him a sample.

I must say there have been many days I have been feeling sick for no apparent reason, but never thought that it is the water. I assumed it might have something to do with my sugar levels, or the food. But I will say that sometimes when I drank the water, my stomache felt icky.

Jesus shall save you!

Waldorf is even panicky now, because he's been way over there by the mine once when he was helping to put out a big forest fire, and he saw the heap of mine waste and stood on it. They didn't know it's radio-active then.

Come to think of it, he has been a bit sickly for the past two years.

"In the name of Christ, I tell you you shall not suffer any consequences of that radio-active material!", bulders the voice of Jack Mervin, the head of our assembly.

Whoooooooooooooookey, it's one of those people is he.

I've become radio-active. Now where are my superpowers?

After the meeting, I go to my place, Lordly House. I look around. If this water has really been contaminated that bad, I'm afraid this entire place is now radio-active. Remember the flood I had?

It's been almost five weeks now, and I was so happy that finally the stench isn't overpowering anymore. Three days after the entire house flooded, the rotting stench started becoming unbearable. I even smelled it when I was still approaching the house from the outside, right through the closed door. But now, five weeks later, the carpet finally feels dry overall, exept under a few things, and the stench is finally subsiding.

However, if that flood of water was all radio-active and chemically toxic, the entire carpet and the curtains and all my DVD's and CD's and electronics and everything that was standing around in the poisonous water, is now radioactive then.

The clothes I'm wearing is radio-active then.

The dishes I've washed in this water is radio-active.

I now start to notice things: Under the dishwashing rack, there is this dried lines of residue as the water has been running down. I always assumed that it's just some soapy water that have dried and left residue, together with the limestone in the water. But now I notice the color: It's yellowish.

I look at the egg boiler. On its surface, there is, you guessed it: Yellow residue. I always assumed it's just the limestone in the water that stay behind when the water dissipates. But nope, now I can see it's yellow-brownish.

So, everything here is contanimated with radio-activity and arsenic, together with all the other toxins they mentioned is in the water.

And so am I. I not only drank the water, I also soaked in it every morning for years now as I took my bath. I am completely radio-active, with the residue of toxins in my insides and organs.

Well, no need to run away with that now. If it is, it is; what's done is done and it won't help to spaz out now. Let's first see what the water tests say; maybe it's not as bad as all that.

I know what will calm me down - a cup of tea!

Opening the cupboard and looking at the beautiful Victorian type cups which would also obviously be radio-active now, it suddenly dawns on me:

That stuff floating on my tea all this time, that wasn't limestone. It was radio-active toxins. And most of the time, I just drank it all.

No wonder when I started using the bottled water to make tea, suddenly there are no such things floating on top of the tea. And the kettle doesn't pack on with residue of sorts either.

And look, the residue has been packing on in the sink too. It wasn't limestone as I thought. I can now see it has a light yellow hue.

Well, before I make my tea, I had better go wash my hands. In the bathroom, the water runs over my hands as I look at it. Yes, more radio-active water with toxins in it, contaminating my hands as it has been doing for all these years.

I am completely irradiated. Looks like it's no children for me!

It's depressing but suddenly I just tell myself Cheer Up! Won't help to speculate on how radio-active everything is. For all we know those toxins were flowing down the river, but they haven't gotten that deep underground yet. Our borehole gets the water from deep under the river, so perhaps we only got a little poison in and we're only a little bit radio-active, and not in much danger.

Maybe I'm just in a bad mood now. My gut says we'll get through this allright. And I'll still have children if I want to.

In the meantime, just call me Radio-Active Man.

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