How Small we are

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My thoughts about the size we humans are in comparison to the seas, stars and the universe. Thoughts that many people think about but don`t always speak about.

How Small we are

Have you ever sat down by yourself, on your own and thought about the world about us, how small we are in comparison to the landscape, the oceans and the universe. And of course the many amounts of different forms of life all around us, in the seas, on the land and in the skies. I bet many of us do.

I know that some humans think we have mastered the planet and can bend nature to their needs, but in fact humans are just a speck in the dust next to all that is going on throughout the universe.

The Oceans

Just as a reference, our planet is covered in about 80% of water which includes the oceans, rivers etc., The rest is land, which is the smaller portion on which we humans live. The amount of knowledge we know about the oceans is very small, most of it we have not explored and the amount we know about what lives in our seas has a long long way to go. There are many forms of sea life that we do not know about and we are always finding something new.

Our planet is suffering from global warming and this is something we humans have caused although we are just specks of dust in comparison to the size of the universe.

The Land

Our land on the planet is about 20% and this is the small bit on which we humans live. We know a little bit more about what lives on the land but I am afraid to say, still have a long long way to go.
When you think about the many the many forms of life that live here, the many mountains, forests, rivers, lakes, countries and continents, we humans are dwarfed by them all. But alas we are devastating them all by our numbers and selfishness by not thinking about nature and putting ourselves first.

The Universe

Now if you compare the size of our planet with the size of Neptune and then compare the size of Neptune to the rest of the universe, you begin to realise that we humans are just dots. There is such a vast difference that our brains can not take in " How small we are ".

The distance from the earth to the sun is about 93 million miles. Then the nearest star after this is about 150 million miles. Just think of how many of our planets would fit into the sun. How many stars are there, how many solar systems are there and where is the edge of the universe, or is there one, or is it never ending.

All in all it is not the right phrase " How small are we " but more like " How minute are we ". The human life spam is so short in comparison to our planet, the stars and the universe, that we should make our tiny lives a lot more caring for one another, have more respect for nature and of course wonder in awe at the magic our planet produces.

Maurice G

Life not Money


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I am retired, have worked in the leisure industry for abpout 40 tears, I am married with 2 grown up biproducts.
In this trade I have met peoples from all over the world !

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author avatar David Reinstein,LCSW
21st Jul 2012 (#)

We are wee indeed...

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author avatar Denise O
22nd Jul 2012 (#)

I find most of us stop and think about this and I for one, 'basically' feel the way you do. Nice read. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
22nd Jul 2012 (#)

We are small but can do big damage....

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author avatar Maurice G
22nd Jul 2012 (#)

That is so true

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
22nd Jul 2012 (#)

Indeed we are too small! Thanks.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
22nd Jul 2012 (#)

wonderful article Maurice, thank you....

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
18th Dec 2012 (#)

Yes Maurice , we are very small indeed. May I suggest you watch Loui Giglio on UTube name of tab ..Indescribable .very beautiful and enlightening .
Bless you

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