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Questions on how to move to an international location.

About Me

It's always been a dream of mine to live in England, and I finally know where I'd like to live - area wise - and know how to get there, but I have questions about Visas, etc.. that nobody has been able to answer. I am 25 - 26 in 5 days - years old. I wouldn't be making this move for at least a year, if not longer since I want to save money, and have engagements that I have to take care of here.

What I know.

I know there are 4 major ways to move to England. They are all visas, but different forms of them. There is the student visa, marriage/engagement visa, work visa, and family visa. There is also a visitor visa from my understanding. I have also heard that getting married is the easiest way to move to another country.

What I'm unsure of.

There are a few different versions, per say, of Work Visa. How do I know which one to apply for? When do they expire? When it expires do I need to return to the States?

How long does it take to get a visa? I've seen it only take up to a few months in the cases I've seen, but these are all for Spousal visas.

Do I need to have a certain amount saved up in a bank account before leaving? I've read that you need $2000 saved at one site, and heard from friends that you don't need anything saved.

Do I need a job BEFORE leaving the states? Again, I've heard conflicting stories on this.

Where I want to live

When I started really thinking about this - like I said it's something I've always wanted, but always thought I couldn't do - I had decided on Birmingham to move. Within the last couple of years I've changed my mind and would like to live in Stourbridge. Some of the things I liked about Stourbridge is access to larger cities (It's 30 mins from Birmingham), population is on a little over 55,000 at the moment, feels like a 'homey' place. I enjoy smaller places, that makes me feel like I'm in the country because they are quiet. Stourbridge provides this for me in my opinion. So I think this is the perfect spot for me.

I'd like to move from - Ohio USA
I'd like to move to - Stourbridge England


I set a time limit on this goal - although it's changed recently. I had it to be moved, etc by time I was 25, as you can see that didn't work. My new age goal is 30. I've been researching it for about a year now.. this gives me 4 years to save up, etc.. I'd love to be there by time I am 30 years old.

Age goal - 30 years

(that's 4 years from now)

What I don't want..

If I can avoid it I'd love to do something than other than get married. I'm not ready for marriage, and I don't believe in getting married if you aren't in love. So I don't think I should get married just to move to England. I don't care if it is the easiest way. The only way I'd consider that is if I actually fell in love with somebody from Stourbridge.


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