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This is basically the life story of themadtyper where he has been, what has he been through, and where he is today!

Portsmouth V.A

He was born on January 25, 1977 in Portsmouth Virginia, at Portsmouth general hospital. He has a older sister, and brother making him the baby of the three siblings. At the age of 3 his mother and father separated, His mother took him and his siblings to Columbia South Carolina Where he know resides which for a long time left him with little knowledge of the city and state he was born in!

Columbia, S.C

Growing up in Columbia wasn't that bad he made friends, went to school, and did basically everything a child would do to have fun during his preteen and teen yrs. Well lets just say it started out that way, until I learned things like how to lie, when to lie, and things of that nature. Mamma always said that if you lie you'll cheat and if you cheat you'll steal. And these words would turn into some of the longest lectures and worse behind whippings the he would receive quite regularly which was needed on every occasion issued,.However, it doesn't matter how many lectures or bad whippings for doing wrong He still continued to do so. Fighting in school and out of school, getting suspended every month, being brought home by the police. And then there was that introduction to alcohol cigarettes and drugs. when he turned 15yrs old Him mom called his dad to come get him. after watching her child grow up extremely too fast she had to do the thing she most dreaded the most seen back to Virginia with his father!

Back in Portsmouth, V.A

Until this day he never knew how his mom found his dad! Whats sad though is, How well will you know your father if the last time you seen him you were 3. Living with some one your that close to by blood has you feeling like you are living with a complete stranger, who was only how 4 hours a day split between morning and night. Too much time alone for a juvie, headed to juvie, to skipped write by juvie to land in jail facing 30 years for malicious wounding. He managed to beat the charge on a technicality, which was a blessing, because his high school sweetheart was with child and about to conceive.
He started to head in the right direction once his son came he felt he had to be more responsible more than he could fathom at the time. Something went wrong again on this path until this day it is unknown,as to what sent him back into a life that he knew meant him no good. Hes done some unsavory things things that sent him to prison 4 times consecutively. At this point he had been, stabbed, once shot once and still living recklessly.

Prison bars the savior of a reckless man because god makes it that way for those who listen

Dodging a 27 yr sentence for a string of crimes that he did commit. God bestows hes blessing on the trouble young man an allows him to only receive a 6yr 7 month sentence!
When he realize that at the rate he was going he could spend his life in and out of prison if he didn't change But he was determined not to let this happen. He started to shy away from people keeping to his self keeping his head in books soaking up all the knowledge that would began to shape and transform his state of mind in to someone more conducive to becoming a better citizen, a better father, a better man.That once menace to society had came to find a certain tranquility, a piece of life that he never experienced. And that was to understand life and the way it works, he didn't have to walk around made at the world because he feels like some on owes him something!
When in the light of truth no one owes him anything it was he who had a debt to pay to society!

There is life after prison Because God is GOOD all the time!

2005 He was released after almost 6 years well more like 5 years 9 months and 16 days.
This release was a surprised to him as well as to the prison officials who had just told him his release date a month prior he wasn't scheduled to be released until February 2006
Themadtyper was a free man just as happy as can be, with a new lease and a better out look on life. Today he is not mad at the world he is not mad at himself. Hes mad because it took him 2 years to get a job but he got one finally he mad because when he write quality articles no one reads them or even comments. But when he writes on the fly everyone reads it, and comments tend to be along the lines of nit picking. so his background may be dark and tainted but He can still grasp the concept of writing quality articles. So just so that you'll know , themadtyper will always be mad if he stopped being mad what would he be but just the typer. Sound like one of them machines the used to use to print words on paper ( a typewriter) do anybody even use them anymore. I hope not that would make me mad. Lend a hand my goo man for I am A work in progress as long as live is a process!


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I think you may be marketing email in the wrong place. I joined this site to become a better writer and read other peoples work I find intersting not to read comments atht are adds for website promotion you didn't even have the sense to write an article about the site or something in relation to the niche your trying to promote. I take my comment box serious please dont spam my compliment or critque!

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17th Nov 2012 (#)

Thank you for sharing your background about yourself. We will be looking forward to more writings from. And welcome to the wikinut family.

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