How things were

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I had family that I used to enjoy hanging with. These family became our own enemies from stupid rumors that were spread and now we don't hangout at all.

How things were

Who are family? Family is the people to be there for each other whenever they need them. They are never to let go from each other because it is the only thing they have. I remember when I was young when my cousins and my mom used to hangout with each other. Things were great back then when they used to hangout and talk to each other about their stories. Every Saturdays when there was nothing going on all my cousins would go to my grandma's house for a barbecue and they used to have another cousin of ours to play his turn tables to dance. They used to do that all the time. One day my dad decided to fixed up his car and one of our cousin's husband used to go fix it every weekend where my cousin would hang with my mom and her kids to hangout with me. Those were the great days. I love all my family, whether we see each other often or not. My uncle has a wife that is pretty much of a snitch and also likes separating my uncle's family apart, as long as its not her family, she would like to see other family's get separated. She tries everything she can to separate everyone's family. A long time when it was my cousin's daughter's sweet 16, my mom was so amazed about how my cousin decorated the theme and the hall room. She had said this in her table on how much she loved it. My aunt who was sitting at the same table had told my cousin the opposite that my mom was making fun of the theme. My cousin suddenly ignored my mom and us when she said hi when she we saw her again after the sweet 16. Her daughter who I used to hang with also ignored my mom and me. Things had started changing. The other part of the family we used to hangout with also had separated from us as my aunt would spread what she said to my cousin. One day, my uncle had also got mad at my mom for something my aunt told her. I say to myself sometimes, that I wish my uncle never had met her, that she had never met anyone due to the fact that she says lies. Everyone says that not even a 21 year old girl continues to make rumors anymore as how they used to do when they were 16. My aunt by far that we know is the only person in 50's or 60's who still acts like a 16 year old. Instead of telling her kids and grand kids about the right from the wrong, she encourages them on rumors. But like the saying goes, "what goes around, comes around." I hope I am there when it happens. I hope everyone gets an idea that family are supposed to be there for each other and not start fights, rumors, arguments, within each other. They are supposed to be there for each other's bad or sad days or whenever one of their family needs someone to talk to or be there with them. They may be friends who are also like family but the actual family is the number 1 important people.


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19th Jun 2013 (#)

Rather common within families. One bad apple is enough to spoil the whole lot! siva

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