How to Become a Healthier Senior

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Touts the Benefits of Senior Wellness Centers in Medically Underserved Locals

New Opitions for Aging Americans

By the numbers, the elderly population is increasing throughout the world. In America, according to current statistics from and AARP's polls the concerns of the elderly are center around financial issues. Sadly, for many of these elders the so called 'golden years' are spent looking for more pots of gold. Worrisome hours, days and weeks often focus upon retirement funds, managing income/ expenses and most importantly, long-term healthcare needs. Thus, it can easily be explained why a significant number of elderly United States' citizens have began to take advantage of new options for becoming healthier seniors.

With the population explosion of the aging traditionalist (1922-1945) and the recently retired baby boomer (1946-1964) generations, awareness of the challenges and stressors facing this socio-economic group have increased. Could your recent outbreak of Eczema be stress related due to delays in anticipated COLA payments? To their credit, many physician are enthusiastically incorporating holistic approaches to healing in their treatment plans for this aging population. Additionally, wellness centers that focus upon healthier senior lifestyles are also growing by leaps and bounds in many medically underserved locals. Unfortunately, these centers are only available to specific members of the American population. Enrollment is limited to elderly citizens that are Medicare insured and qualified through Social Security.

Get Out & About

Getting out and about often adds another dimension to being a healthier senior. It is an excellent avenue for social networking. Consider volunteering for political, medical or social service organizations. Becoming actively involved in community, educational or cultural events can be enjoyable for you and helpful to others. No matter your abilities there are also strength training, low-impact aerobic exercises, Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi classes specifically designed for seniors. In fact, new research studies support the increased benefits of Tai Chi-Qigong among Parkinson and MS patients. From my own personal experience, my disposition and gait have improved since recently enrolling in the Tai Chi class for the elderly and/or physically challenged. The rate of restoration for many class attendees is truly unbelievable.

Multi-purposed Medical Complex

In the City of Chicago, these new inner-city wellness centers are viewed as community assets rather than intrusions. These upscale multi-purposed centers are convenient to major public transportation routes. The facility that I recently visited had great curbside appeal and an environmentally friendly décor. The facility was well lite. The walls were not stark white, but decked out in warmly muted colors. The waiting area was cheery, clean and uncluttered. Seating was ergonomically correct with some variations for patient's size and shape. This one-story, stand alone wellness center was staffed with seasoned PCP, Internal Medicine, Geriatric physicians and young professionals sensitive to the needs of the elderly. Also at hand is a knowledgeable team of social service advisors. The people-friendly staff advisors are skilled in assisting patients in result-oriented methods to maneuver the rocky road(s) of becoming healthy seniors and proactive retirees.

For an aging population, often faced with less income and more loss (personal, physical and/or cognitive) these government approved multi-purposed medical facilities offer the greatest opportunities for generating a more balanced-centered healthier lifestyle. This unique balancing act is successfully accomplished by assisting seniors via an innovative one, two, three punch. First, patients are encouraged to own their health and become actively involved in their individualized care and well-being. Study, after study by departments of ageing reveal that these two components are so critical to the well-being of every senior. Secondly, wellness centers also serve as informational hubs. Health, social services resources, community events and lively entertainment round out a monthly schedule of activities. Essential to this life-affirming modality is an awareness of the mind-body-spirit connection in preventive medicine. New procedures and recent medical findings are often presented in the form of patient-centered workshops and informative seminars. Lastly is the optimization of these prime location facilities. Access to medical care, nutritional support, recreational therapy and home care service resources at one on-site location is extremely beneficial for the senior population.

If this new concept yields, healthier patient outcomes the results will be a win, win scenario for elderly patients on fixed incomes. Additionally, if you or other seniors find this information helpful, please share this post. Utilizing the assistance of an area wellness centers in a limitedly served healthcare community could be the right option for becoming a healthier senor. Joining is free and the benefits are great for Social Security approved recipients.

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