How to Earn $1.00 a Day on Expertscolumn

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It can be easy to earn a dollar a day on Expertscolumn

How to Earn $1.00 a Day on Expertscolumn

Earning a dollar a day on a site like Expertscolumn can be accomplished very easily. The problem that most individuals have is they make it harder than it needs to be. Take doing a household chore for example, what is the first thing you do when you set out to do a household chore? You procrastinate. Why? It’s human nature. You just can’t help it. No one can. You will put the work off until the very last possible minute and then stress yourself out trying to rush through it. Unfortunately, the same can be true when it comes to setting out goals and schedules with your writing.

You need to set out a structured schedule for yourself if you are really serious about earning a dollar a day with Expertscolumn. If you want writing to turn into a full-fledged source of income – you have to treat it as if it is a full time job. First, figure out how many high quality and well researched articles you want to write every day. A healthy place to start would be three to five articles. Once you have a little more practice and experience, you can always increase the number of articles you write every day.

First, you should pick your topics. You want to pick hot, popular and trending topics. You want to do some research and figure out what people are currently interested in. If you cannot find something of interest – write about earning money, technology or health. You can never go wrong with these three topics because they are forever of interest.

Then, the trick is to keep writing until you reach your goaled threshold of $1.00 a day. Simple, right? Let’s assume that Expertscolumn pays $1.00 per 1,000 page views. Let’s also assume that every article you’ve written gets five page views a day. You would need approximately 200 articles published in order to reach your threshold of $1.00 a day.

Please keep in mind, the page view estimation is a ridiculously low number. Chances are pretty good that some of your articles are going to get way more than 5 page views a day. However, you are also going to have articles that might not get any views on some days. This is why it is better to estimate with a very low number to balance things out.


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