How to Frame an Outstanding Essay

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Still not managed to crack how to write a good essay? This is a guide to aid your writing experience, and can be used as a framing tool to engage the reader and produce a unique and potentially outstanding piece of work!

Why Can't I Get It Right?

I am now in my final year of advanced education, completing a Business and Economics degree. With writing essays of central importance to most degrees, I have managed to 'fine-tune' my essays and vastly improve the quality of my work. However, the internet offers little help for budding writers and academics to improve their writing; I have covered all the points I think are most relevant, encompassing how to really improve your marks and grades!

Plan Your Work

Want a good mark? Then planning is of key importance. A well structured essay which is engaging throughout always refers back to the question; thus a plan is a good tool to do this. Write three sections on a page entitled: "Introduction", "Main" and "Conclusion". Ask yourself "What is this question attempting to explore?", "What are the key issues and material available surrounding the question?" and finally, "What unique views can I take that others may not have indulged?". Planning essays has inevitably led to the improvement of my marks.

Writing an Outstanding Essay

Go substantially beyond what is taught. Academics and markers have to go through tens, maybe hundreds of essays entitled the same. Individuality is key! A flair for the subject matter will reflect primarily in the quality of your writing! Don't just write about something different to what the question or course is about, which will lack relevance. Instead, lots of reading around the subject matter and the question will improve your clarity and depth of knowledge - include some points in your essay which encapsulate this widened knowledge as long as they relate to the question.

New Propositions

Propose something that the lecturer has not taught. This can really gain you lots of marks! Scholarly writing can help you with this point; however, proposing something new can be difficult. Look at the material from your wider reading and think to yourself, "Are there any gaps in the research?" or "What is my understanding and opinion of this matter?". A different view and different angle from your peers will be sure to make your work stand out, as long as you keep referring back to the question!

Use Your Tutors

Tutors offer vast pools of knowledge. Arrange a quick meeting with them. Send them an email. If they don't respond after five days, talk to them after the lecture or seminar. People around you will offer you help, if you only ask!

Points to Remember

Aside from what I have already included, I will suggest that these ideas will also give your essay a welcome boost!

Context - When you make a point, find some evidence from scholary articles and academic research - don't just Google the subject, think of other avenues! Reliable resources differ depending on the course, but I find The Economist, The Financial Times and Podcasts from renound academics to be of particular value.
Clarity - Always refer back to the question! Don't get sidetracked because you like a point - you have to engage with your essay but your essay also has to engage with your markers!
Referencing - Carefully reference and site every point or quote written which has been helped by academic research - you don't want to be accused of plagiarism!
Proof Read - Read your work as well as spell checking it. Does it make sense? Do your paragraphs link? Is the essay framed well? Does the literature and articulate language lead to a logical, solid conclusion?

Good luck with your writing everyone! I really hope this article serves as a reference point for you when you write your next, and future essays! Let me know if your marks improve as a result!


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author avatar Tranquilpen
23rd Dec 2011 (#)

Undoubtedly one of the best written guides on the subject of writing. I have found that your technique of constantly engaging the reader using the emboldened phrases throughout, most outstanding. Thank you for sharing:-))

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author avatar vpaulose
25th Dec 2011 (#)

Dear Olivia,
I seek your friendship and promoting me in this site. Wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Hope the new year will bring us closer and make us more fruitful.

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author avatar D in The Darling
25th Dec 2011 (#)

You're on top of it. Merry Christmas to you and your entire family.

I'm following you and will be coming back for more.

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author avatar Olivia
26th Dec 2011 (#)

Thank you everyone, for your kind words and support - it is very much appreciated to say the least!
I am sure I am not quite as an accomplished writer as yourselves, but your enthusiastic comments make me want to write much more!

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