How to Offer a Service of a Writing Biography

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This is a tip how to offer a service to those who need to write their biography.

How to Offer a Service of a Writing Biography

Composing and writing a biography is one service which has an openly opportunity business and interesting for the fee from publishing it.

What is biography? Biography from the words bios(live) and graven(writing). Lexically, biography means written script which tells about a person live. From the contents of biography, it can be divided into three kinds: 1. Personal biography, 2. Professional biography and 3. Memoir biography

Personal biography is a story which tells the live individually of a figure, that is no more than story about personality, that why it is called the her/his story. Pay attention the ”his-story” which shows the story of living of a person. Which shows of the story of figure. It is more personal, that is why, it is often told using the approach of chronology. It begins from the childhood, teenagers, mature hood up to the age of old.

Professional biography is biography which tells the success story or the side of pertaining to profession of a person. The interesting thing from the kind of this biography is the content may be back up to surface. Failure, struggling, philosophy and it must be the success part of the figure gets much portion of discussion. On the other hand, dimension of self, even not more portion.

Memoir is a note, eye note, or opinion of a person on a certain events. What important and historic of the events are, so the figure needs to write a special note. The aim is to tell the opinion and give the image to the public about the pertaining events. As an example; many figures write their memoirs according to each them . The aim is to give the opinion about the events according their verses. Bill Clinton writes it too, and another figure is also. That is why, the memoir has its verse, though the events is same.

Biography which is written himself by its figure. If he himself who write it, so it is called autobiography. Nevertheless, if including the writer’s touch which his name not cited (ghost writer), it is called biography. However, there is a writer whose his name appears in the front cover. The writer is standing on the outside and takes the distance from the figure. Because any distance, usually the outer writer who will be trusted because of his objective. The nuance and the advertising of the figure can be eliminated.

There are many biography books waiting for you to serve. Usually they are as great persons, success, famous, celebrities, and controversial figures which their life are unique. But they haven’t time to write. It is pity, if something about them don’t be written. Their intelligence, successes, expertness, and their thought will hide by the change of time.

A writer can offer a service to write it and dig it by a series interview or if the figure is public figure you can collect piece by piece of their publications.

How to get the business opportunity of writing biography. Write a fix proposal, complete with schedule, fund which is needed. Start to collect data, interview, writing and editing, up to printing. Offer to the figure needed. After your proposal is answered, compose a job contract about writing and publishing. Fund released gradually, cash and carry. You serve a certain chapter or parts, then you get the fee due to the contract.

The fee, it can be about $ 1.000 to $ 6.000, depends on the appropriateness, difficulties, and the pages. Why do you not try?…… May it be useful for you!………..


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