How to Set High Goals Without Burning Out

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People who aim high in life may risk burning out, but those with ambitious goals who also avoid taking failure too seriously may not suffer as much emotionally.


It has been found that holding high expectations — whether for academic achievements, career goals or athletic pursuits — isn't necessarily a bad thing. However, people with perfectionistic tendencies tend to pair their high expectations with what are called "perfectionist concerns." This means they are extremely self-critical, and take it personally when they fail to reach their very challenging goals.
Perfectionism has been linked to mental and physical health problems, and depression
Thus it is said "You can fail as many times as you like, as long as you don't feel like that reflects on your self-worth"


Burnout has three symptoms, physical and emotional exhaustion, detachment or cynicism around the work, and the feeling of not reaching one's goals.
The trick to making perfectionism work in a healthy way is to set goals high but also not beat yourself up if you don't meet them. Unfortunately, that can be very difficult. Most people who strive for perfection also exhibit the perfectionistic concerns that can lead directly to burnout and depression.
Perfectionists "tend to be rigid." If they set their goals too high, they may burn out or bow out at the first sign of failure. But people who work hard and also take failure in stride do exist find a proper balance.

Stress Management

So, Set your aim ..
Be loyal with it ..
Be determined ..
Do all you can to achieve it ..
But if you are unable to achieve it ...
Don't fall in a mushy place ..
Give yourself time ..
Relax yourself ...
Build up your energy ...
And have a new, fresh start ...


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author avatar peachpurple
2nd Sep 2015 (#)

I agree that burning out isn't good in long term run, learn to relax when required

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author avatar Sarah Hussain
2nd Sep 2015 (#)

Yeah burning out eventually leads to depression ... it is a view that perfectionistic behaviour leads one to burn out to depression

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