How to Survive In the Library after Hours

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A comedy story about a library. .About how a person can survive in a library after hours and what not to do.

How to Survive in the Library After Hours

As I stood in the aisle looking for a certain book, the lights went out. Five minutes ago, I had heard them say that the library was closing. I never thought for one minute they would actually close and lock the library doors.

The light was very dim, but I had my penlight with me to help me find the book I was looking for, “How to Survive in the Library after Hours.” I was already in the library after hours, so this was the perfect time to read this book.

Sitting down in a library chair I began to read, using my penlight. First I needed to establish that I was actually in a library. Raising my head up, I looked around and saw all the books. I knew then that I was truly in a library.

As I continued to read my book, I read where I was to find a place to sleep and also something to eat. The library chairs were not comfortable to sleep in. The only thing I had to eat was a couple of energy bars and water from the water fountain.

Taking cushions out of the chairs, I laid them down on the floor and lay down on top of the cushions. Picking up my book again I continued to read. I also noticed that I was getting rather chilly. Luckily I had just read in my book on how to start a small fire.

Gathering up a few pieces of paper and a couple of sticks, I began to rub the sticks together. As the smoke thickened, the fire began to blaze. Sitting close to the fire I began to feel warmer.

The next advice the book gave was to not go to sleep while the fire was burning. So I had to decide whether to put out the fire and go to sleep cold, or to stay awake and enjoy the warmth of the fire.

As I continued to read my book, I was advised to cook whatever I had brought with me to the library to eat. Since I had not brought any food with me, I was not able to use that advice.

I continued reading my book, when suddenly the water sprinklers along with the fire alarm went off. My cozy little fire was now completely out. I was soaked to the skin, but I did manage to keep my book I was reading, “How to survive in the library after hours,” completely dry.

I was still sitting near my soaked fire holding my book, when the fire people and head librarian came rushing inside. Standing up, I asked the head librarian if I could check out my book as I pulled it out and handed it to her.

In the meantime, the fire people continued to check the library to make sure all was all right. I have to say, that the book titled, “How to survive in the library after hours,” is no longer available.


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