How to Write Easily and Spontaneously

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Writing is an art form. But there’s also a science in to it. It is an instant medium of expression. Being a wordsmith requires the combination of artistic and intellectual prowess.

Writing for Fun and Profit

Creativity is a very essential component for you to write effectively. The pursuit for writing has three main purposes: to express, to educate and to entertain. Though some gifted writers acquired the skill effortlessly. To the average writer, it takes time and a lot of practice to gain the proficiency needed, spontaneity in writing is an important component for you to write a non-scripted and intuitive writing piece.

Here are some to guidelines on how to write intuitively and effortlessly:

Write, write and write- It’s a no-brainer, for you to write effectively, you need to write a lot. Even if you think you aren't good enough. If you write as often as you can. You'll eventually and hopefully be good on it.

Have fun- If you’ll just focus on the technical aspect on writing without having the sense of fun. You’re actually writing in vain. The main reason is to have fun by expressing your thoughts, feelings and aspirations. If you don’t seek for it, you’re actually defeating your purpose.

Outline- It is a technique in which you initially list down all the essential keywords then elaborate and connect the main idea of the theme and subject. It is an essential technique especially when writing a how-to article.

Be like a sponge-
In order for you to write effectively as well as entertaining. You need to be hungry of knowledge. Learn to absorb everything around you. The more you seek, devour and digest knowledge. The easier you’ll generate ideas towards your quest for writing. Reading books and trivia, watching you tube videos or even mentoring is an essential aspect of learning for you to be a proficient writer.

Write whatever pops-out in your mind, then proofread and edit-
This may not be applicable when writing on a “how-to” article writing format as it requires a more technical approach. But it is when writing a blog that serve as an “online diary” it gives you the privilege to write freely and intuitively. After you've written your piece check all the grammar, punctuation, sentence construction and spelling.

Self-ask- This is the most important aspect when writing spontaneously. The more questions you ask yourself, the more you’ll generate ideas and think intuitively. As you answer your entire question, you will realize that you’re actually creating a well written craft.

Internet has given us the privilege and opportunity through blogging platforms, article writing sites or marketing gigs. This guideline swill help you succeed as a writer whether your main purpose is for fun or profit.


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2nd Aug 2013 (#)

Very good thoughts. Thanks

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16th Oct 2013 (#)

Thank you dear.

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13th Mar 2014 (#)

Good evening, Yansky, nicely done. ~Marilyn

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4th May 2019 (#)

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