How to avoid the classic "I'm bored" moments of Summer

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I've had many bad summers in the past, but I think I have finally figured out the key to honing in a Summer that prevents "I'm bored syndrome," - aka IBS.


It is currently the beginning of July, and I have had exactly zero days since the end of May where I have sat on my couch and said, "I'M BORED." And yes - my college got out mid-May, but I hung around a little longer since I wanted to see graduation.

There are few things I would consider myself "good" at, but this Summer thing I have seemed to figure out. I feel the need to share this knowledge with you. Yes you. The person reading these words right now. I am waving to you - but you cannot see it.

An inspirational section

You should not become a hermit during the Summer. That is the worst thing humanely possible to avoid "I'm bored" syndrome. Let's call that IBS for the rest of the article, shall we?

Also, do not simply wait for things to "come up" for you to do. It is your summer - TAKE CHARGE!

Organizing your summer

If you are anything like me, you're in college and are not taking Summer school to save some dough. Now you have an entire Summer to kill before the semester (or quarter for some) restarts.

Now what?

Well, I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish this summer. Have both a pen and highlighter near said list - so you can highlight the things you've started and cross off the things you have completed. Some of my highlighted items are: improve guitar skills, learn to skimboard, beach as much as possible, read books, redo bedroom, get into amazing shape, make new friends, juggle, be social...and much, much more.

There's something (for me at least) epic about highlighting or crossing off anything from a list. I'm not sure why.

If you're having issues on what to put on your list - I recommend a job as number one, and a license (if you do not have one for whatever reason) as number two.

This list is the key to my lack of IBS. Whenever I find myself without people to play with, I go to the list and choose something to do. I refuse to be bored.

Being social

If you are an introvert, this part won't seem as good as the other parts. For you extroverts, this'll be awesome.

Oh - and for future reference, I am a borderline extrovert/introvert. I am both. Makes life interesting.


People are good. I have found a good way to play with people, is finding a video game that none of you have played, and gather everyone for it. For one of my friends, we are playing through the PS3 game, Heavy Rain. We switch the controller back and forth (since we both have our strong points and weak points) and never grow bored.

Another way to gather and play with people, is find a TV show (this one is harder now that television is somewhat weak at the moment) that everyone is interested in, and make it a weekly event/party. If all the TV shows are bad, find the worst and make it into a drinking game (if age permits, of course).

The next way (which is one of my favorites) is have a project with you and friends, to gather to work on. For the film inclined, make a short film...or even a full-length Indie movie. What it comes down to, is pooling you and your friends' talents into something great. This Summer I have worked on an iPhone app, as well as an advertisement for a realty place. Neither were considered 'jobs', since I started doing it because of who was working on it. Sure - one went terribly wrong in the end and we need to do a reshoot - but it was still an epically fun day.

When it comes down to it...

PLAN YOUR SUMMER. Do not wait for the random - try to fill in every day with something ahead of time to avoid IBS. Backup plans included. Summer should not be wasted - there is only a limited amount of time before working full-time is a must. Might as well utilize it while we still got it.


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