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Accidentally breaking plates or glasses is messy and troublesome chore to clean up. Learn how I clean up a broken plate today with a few safety steps.

Why I Broke A Plate

Today was a bad day for me.

I could not concentrate on anything right because I was worried over my cat, OUT, as she had been sick for the last few days.

OUT, was her name, is an old cat, an outdoor cat who loves to roam about the neighborhood during the day and comes back home for her breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Since she had been sick, I accidentally broke a plate today as I did not realized that the plates were piling too high, lost the balance and dropped to the kitchen floor.

Luckily a white ceramic plate was broken.

As for the rest, I managed to save them before more mishap happens.

How to clean up a broken plate or glass

As you know, plates or glasses broken into small pieces is a BIG chore to clear up the mess. Simply sweeping the broken pieces into the trash can does not solve the problem. You may step on tiny pieces of glass or shards of broken plate found at the corner of the rooms, kitchen or under the furniture.

Hence, follow these helpful steps to clean up the mess before someone gets hurt.

  1. Safety: Wear a pair of slippers or sandals to protect your feet. Wear plastic or rubber gloves to protect your hands from cuts.

  2. Lay out several layers of old newspapers and cardboard as protective layers.

  3. Use pliers to pick up the broken pieces.

  4. Use screwdrivers to push out the smaller pieces and shards out from the corners.

  5. Use masking taps to pick up the smaller pieces of broken plates or glass by tapping them and them fold into halves and discard into the newspaper.

  6. Use a broom to sweep up the rest into the dustpan. Discard into the newspaper. Wash the broom and dustpan, hang them out to dry under the sun.

  7. Wrap up the newspaper with the broken plate or glass with shards carefully. Place another layer of newspaper to wrap up as the outer layer. Make sure no broken pieces had fallen off or pointing out of the newspaper.

  8. Put it into a plastic bag and tie it up tight. Discard into the garbage bin outside.

  9. Finally, mop the floor twice and let it dry.

Remember to be careful when picking up the broken plates or glasses !!

Picture of my old cat

This is the picture of OUT, my old cat who had been sleeping on the sandals since she wasn't feeling well.

Usually, she would eat at least 2 tablespoon of cat biscuits plus a couple of fried fish bones, thrice a day but she was lacked of appetite since she was sick.

I gave her a bowl of warm milk and 1 tablespoon of cat biscuits. She ate half of the amount and drank a little.

She sniffed at the fish bones but walked off back to the sandals and laid there till evening. She even skipped her lunch!

Later in the evening, I gave her rice mixed with fried fish but she wasn't interested at all. Quite worried for her.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
9th Jun 2014 (#)

Wait, you forgot to let us know how is your cat? Sometimes an extra feeding of canned chicken and rice pate cat food can help a sick cat have more strength to recover.

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author avatar Kingwell
10th Jun 2014 (#)

Good Article. Hope your cat gets well soon. Blessings.

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author avatar snerfu
15th Jun 2014 (#)

Poor cat, here is to its speedy recovery.

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