How to conquer a woman

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What do women really want in a man

A man in his fifties, to conquer a woman needs the following things:

1) Hair

To have beautifull hair is 'very important. you can not bluff with tricks, otherwise you
risk becoming ridiculous. Much better then a transplant or to cut them very
short, but it is not the same thing.

How to conquer a woman

What do women really want in a man

A man in his fifties, to conquer a woman needs the following things:

1) Hair

To have beautifull hair is 'very important. you can not bluff with tricks, otherwise you
risk becoming ridiculous. Much better then a transplant or to cut them very
short, but it is not the same thing.

2) Being thin and moderately sports.

The woman does not love the belly man sleepy and tired all the time. If you want to get
involved in this kind of business, you should try to lose extra pounds without
doing of this activity 'your obsession, otherwise you lose sight of your goal
and will interest you' more 'your weight and fitness rather than women
themselves. This attitude will be 'immediately recognized by the woman and she
will not like it.' Remember that 'she wants to be the center of attention, not
your body. Narcissist!

3) Be tall

If they ask you how tall are you? You must always say : about 1.8 feet . The woman tends to
believe a lot more 'to what' she hears rather than to what she sees. Especially
if she is 'well-disposed towards you. If she is 'bad-disposed give up! Besides
you can use internal and external heels so gaining precious inches. If she
gets close to you, get up slightly on
tiptoe, or use of every pretext logistical to get up off the ground. For
example, if you are conversing near a tree with one hand hold fast to a branch
and nonchalantly rise up gently from the ground without giving us a great
importance. Continue the conversation in this position until your muscles will
not be exhausted, then using an excuse, leap as much away as possible from embarrassing
comparisons and abandon the field. It looks a bit 'tricky, but what do you want
from me?

4) Have a degree-

If you are accountants, experts do not tell it. Gloss over in this case, you say you are small business owners, or
blatantly lie. A degree in psychology is 'contra-indicated. Unless you are
placed in any university facility or hospital, the woman will treat you justly as 'simple "losers" and even
she will finish of listening you. A degree in Engineering is 'very usefull as well as in economics and trade. If you are a
graduate in law you must say you have already 'passed the state exam. A degree
in medicine is 'fairly considered, but beware, be prepared to listen a series of physical ailments and theories on homeopathy that will test your nervous system. Nothing can be objected to such theories or you will be considered an unprepared crude and superficial doctor.

5) The car-

At your age it is' time to stop being alternative. Enough with old carcasses or Dian
or the like. It 'definitely recommended the Mercedes or BMW. A word of
warning 'not bluffing not buy an old wreck of BMW of more than ten years'
thinking to get away. The woman more 'short-sighted and apparently more'
asleep, has the eye of a lynx and the brain of a fox as regards these matters. Remember
that when she will talk about you with her friends, she will not use your
name, will not mention about your moral
qualities. She will simply say: the one
with the Golf GTD, or the one with the Mercedes Metallic Seek etc ... etc
... The car must then have at most two or three years', must be well maintained
and with all the optionals. While driving I suggest you listen to the following
songs of Paolo Conte: Wanda, The last woman we have, for every fifty years,
always in the leg, The bachelor.

6) The clothes

Here, too, stop being alternative: no shirts, no jeans. When
will you decide to purchase a Valentino or a Prince of Wales or an Ermenegildo
Zegna? And the tie, do you really want to wear it only when you are in coffins?
I know you will look embarrassed, it squeezes your neck and give you an aspect that is not 'yours, especially if you have
never used a tie before, but it's now or never. If you do not have the
sensitivity 'to match the colors of the tie with the shirt and of socks with
the dress, ask for help to your wife. It 'time to be flawless. We go for the

7) Money and power-

If you have the power then surely you also
have the money. But if you do not have power at least have the decency to have
money. Money is both the liquid form of power, meaning they can be immediately
accessible, both the crystallized form of the same, meaning they can be
understood as a particular form of power can also be used and cast aside when
the real power finishes. Money is not immediately convertible into real power,
and women know it well so that they can also despise those who have a lot of
money but it is 'very difficult to despise those who have much power.It's not
enough to have money, you must also be willing to spend it with some class
without show it to everyone.

If you meet
the following seven points, you might be able to conquer a woman even to fifty
years. But if you 'want to have even a
little' of her love, then you have to do something much more 'difficult and
expensive. You will have to try to be yourself. I know, especially at fifty, when to change is 'a little' more 'difficult
than before, to be yourself is the thing most' difficult in the world. to
Accept and to be that 'irascibile 'sad and above all boring, boring, boring
person is not not easy.

Irascible, always angry, sad and boring, sometimes happy, surely free, almost never
trendy, yet unique in its kind in the world, in spite of the hundreds of
commanders almost all the same with beautiful clothes, beautiful ties, the
Mercedes and the BMW.


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hey guys!! watch and learn:

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how to seduce women quickly

Rules to seduce and be a great seducto , anything is possible , no woman is unattainable , the married , widowed, single , with or without children , with 15 or 50 years , he has something in common, "is woman."

how to seduce a woman

1 - . Speaks , feel free .
Do not skimp speak, it is most important to seduce women . Above all, and at first not talk about deep or difficult, except you to check that the other person is an intellectual without remedy. Do not talk about you, or do it in moderation and sense of humor
read on here:

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