How to escape from ego problem?

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There are many problems Bangladesh has amongst them energy crisis is acute.

Bangladesh has the EGO problem!

One might wonder what this ego problem about? Hope readers will find out what it stands for, at least having some fun!

Bangladesh has been getting its solution on energy problems from gas since twenty or more years. No other alternative energy sources are required, gas is for ever- was the assumption of the policymakers, and so are they reluctant to search for any other alternatives. Citizens are also not aware of the problems and become whimsical. How the gas resources fortified the countries’ energy security no one thought of. Those days are gone, gas shortage now crippling the country’s economy in many facets. Now the electricity shortages are handled by giving permission to many quick rental oil run electricity firms, which eventually aggravated the problems by increasing the demand for oil import. Higher oil import means higher pressure on foreign currency reserves and economy, as Bangladesh government still selling oil on a subsidized price, the subsidies increase as oil price rises, on the other hand the price of electricity consumption increasing and government has no other options but to increase the electricity price and oil price, otherwise, it will not be able to pay the electricity price as per contract, and if public consumption oil price is not up, subsidy will be up too.

In 2000-2009 government spent 15000,0000000/- Taka (US$1=75 Taka) for importing oil. 2010-2011 is the period when quick rental basis private electricity production companies came into operation, hence oil demand increased and imported for 21000,0000000/- Taka. The same would be in 2011-2012 fiscal year 40000,0000000/- Taka, which is an awesome amount of increase in two years time.

The government subsidy in 2010-2011 was 8000,0000000/- Taka and it would 26000,0000000/- Taka in this year 2011-2012. To mitigate this subsidy government has already increased oil price thrice in six months, which eventually incited the inflation and peoples pocket become the prey of tight squeeze.

Now it is understood the quick rental projects are not viable in the long run, as a remedy smaller coal run or gas run efficient project are needed. But this is not progressing as expected. Within 2015 government is shouting to have coal run electricity installation with a capacity of 4500 MW that is deemed to be a wishful thinking, as we see no such coals and infrastructure. Mainly the source of raw material or coal is the core problem. Consequently, the cost of oil run projects are becoming more harder to withstand as the price is too high.

Beginning of the problem:
In the 1980s when Bangladesh Petroleum organization (BAPEX) was very effective and efficient, it was neglected by the vested interested group who made it inactive since then, and invited foreign companies to do the extraction jobs with very high price, rather than investing on it. And with this Profit share contract basis foreign companies found the way in. 1980-89 BAPEX did rigging only 09, 1990-99 only 04 and 2000-2009 only one due to budget constraint. On the contrary it was advised in the Energy policy to drill at three wells in a year. This way the country become depended on the foreign companies for its gas supply which is 53%, the rest 47% done by Native company.

To have a better stake by the native firm, different local forums have been very actively took it to public and government has to vowed down to the cause, as it is no more secret to keep information hide from public.

The bad sides of foreign companies are:

- They do not have the ownership of the job s they do, meaning environmental damages are not properly cared upon, as short term profit is the motive.
- Corrupt secretaries and ministries always favor the foreign companies to have their own pockets heavy.
- The price fixing and profit sharing is subject to verification, and mostly unfairly conditions and contract is done.
- The ultimate analysis stands s as the local gaining is negligible and sometimes seems better to be un-extracted.

By the way, if you don’t realized what ego stands for- here is the answer- E=electricity, G=gas, O=oil.


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author avatar Ivyevelyn, R.S.A.
30th Dec 2011 (#)

Thanks, Md. I thought I was going to read about self-esteem, egotism. However, a very interesting page. Thank you.

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
30th Dec 2011 (#)

I did it deliberately, to make you a kidding!!! It's a new years fun!

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author avatar Buzz
30th Dec 2011 (#)

Lol. That was really funny, Md!

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