How to have a good deal with a landlord

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Not all landlords or landladies are ogres to be avoided at all costs and it'll pay off having a good deal with them as well as avoiding sour arguments.

How to have a good deal with a landlord

Believe me, a landlord or landlady isn't an ogre to avoid at all costs. I say this, because I've already been a landlady and I've seen the pros and cons of being one. On the other hand, not all tenants are holy creatures.
By arranging on a good deal with the landlord before one gets to live in his flat or house and being in good terms with him, one will get a lot more.
1. One's found a flat or a house in an area where it'd be suitable to live in and the rents aren't way too high, or, at least, one can afford to pay what this person is asking.
However, this flat or house isn't in good condition to live in. First of all, it'll pay off to know the law on rents, because not everything's for or against tenants or landlords and both parties have rights as well as obligations.
The landlord is obliged to rent a place where either electricity and water piping are in good condition. There shouldn't be leaking ceilings when it rains nor an electrical installation that is on the verge of a fire.
One may think that the windows could close properly or that it could have been painted or wall papered. Right, it could, but no one or nothing is perfect, but if one's really interested in the area and can afford the rent, one can have a deal.
2. It's very important to convince him that he'll never get good tenants such as these people who pay their rents punctually, look after the house and create no troubles, if he offers a flat or the house in such a disastrous state.
3. Offer to refurbish the place on accounts of being discounted from the rents or still better to be several months spared from them, depending on the amount spent.
4. It'll most probably be hard for him to accept on a discount from your rents or on not having any of the rents for some period that will depend on how much one spent, providing with the bills, but if one gets to convince him that it's sort of investment on his property in the long run and that he'll be able to ask more money when one leaves, it will help, because as I say not all landlords are ogres and they may be ready to a good deal.
5. Sign a contract that contains such an agreement as well as leaving the place well. Remember that a deposit can't be used as a rent as many tenants think when they have an argument with the landlord or landlady, but it's an amount of money that will cover damages, breakages or unpaid bills in the flat or house.
By doing it like this, one will achieve to live in the area and place that one would like as well as being spared of the rents while the works of refurbishment goes on and a couple of months won't kill anyone to fix and refurbish one's place. One may think that it's on a landlord's profit, because we're doing his place, but we are too to gain something from it even if it's not our own house or flat. It will be our own place while we live there.

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