How to learn to play master class chess in only one week

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This tall story concerns a famous chess player called Akiba Rubinstein. Some of it is true, but other parts have been filled in for the sake of the story, and to help find a possible answer for a mystery that nobody really knows the real answer to this day.

Chess duffer learns to play master level chess in only one week

Akiba Rubinstein (1882 to 1961) was a Polish grandmaster of the game of chess way back in the early part of the twentieth century. He was a late learner of the game having learnt it at 19 years of age, although some claim that this was at the earlier age of 16.

This is still a late age to learn chess, when most great players have learned the game at an age much earlier than this, most learned before they had reached even ten years of age. Some could play master class chess at only four years of age. Jose Raul Capablanca, and Samuel Reshevsky were two such chess prodigies.

The story goes that one day Rubinstein wandered into a chess club and played against a few opponents there. He was badly beaten in every game that he played. He left the club only to return a week later. He then asked if he could play a game against the club champion. The other club members scoffed at this at first, having remembered this patzer, or poor player from the previous week.

Nevertheless the champion acquiesced to a game, and was thrashed in only a few short moves. He played another having thought that he had just played badly in the first game, only to be beaten just as quickly again.

A miracle had taken place within that week. Rubinstein had improved his game. somehow in only one week to a level already approaching master level.

How did he do that?

We might never know because he never did tell anyone while alive.

Apparently it was from sheer determined study of the game. Rubinstein claimed that he studied the game of chess for at least six hours every day, for 300 days of every year.

The remaining 65 days were split between playing in chess tournaments, and resting. His tournament record still stands until today.

In the year 1912, he won five very strong grandmaster class tournaments in that one year. This record for consecutive tournament wins has never been equalled or bettered by any other player right up until the present day.

He suffered from nervous and was an extremely nervous person so much so that the other players worried about his mental health status. One player talked him into seeing a mental health specialist one day.

The specialist took one look at him, and said to him,

"My friend, you are mad, but what's that matter you play chess like a devil. It should not affect your profession. All chess players are a little bit mad."

It did affect his play though. at times he played like a God, at other times he made rather simple blunders and lost like the original patzer that he had once been. This nervous temperament eventually stopped him from being able to play chess. He stopped active tournament playing in 1932 never to play again, until he died in 1961.

Rubinstein is still revered in chess circles for his exquisite and almost perfect end game play. He was an acknowledged master of this form of the game.

The answer has been found

How did Rubinstein really go about improving himself so quickly in chess playing after he had first learnt the game?

Here is his own answer that was found in an old diary of his only a few years ago, because it had been in the possession of his family, laying there unknown previously, for all that time.

"I played against myself with only the pieces and not the pawns for two days then I played against myself using just the pawns, after that I played the full game studying every possible combination of opening moves and seeing in my head the stronger types of positions and the simple traps that could come about from not seeing the developing problem of a weak position. Traps and problems all come about from making weak moves, and from weak positions."


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