How to make money from article marketing through on line directories

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On line article market is big market. On line advertising agencies, to fix their advertisements, and Viewers of the net-sphere (Internet), to acquire knowledge, need quality articles. Earning depends on quality and popularity of the article and the author.

How to make money from article marketing through on line directories

Rakhi Sharma and Awadhesh Kishore*

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On line article market is big market. On line advertising agencies, to fix their advertisements, and Viewers of the net-sphere (Internet), to acquire knowledge, need quality articles. Earning depends on quality and popularity of the article and the author.

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Do you desire to earn money through marketing of your articles? If yes you will be requiring a catalogue of on-line article directories that reimburse for your articles?
In case you have furnished an article, why you are not putting forward them to on-line article directories that will reimburse you for your articles?
Let me report what I experienced when I wrote my first article on identification of estrus in water buffalo. I was looking for software for assisting me in getting information in a practical interface and help me in rewriting. Because English is my acquired language not native, so I was really necessitating for help with all the content at the occasion that is needed for blogging and Internet marketing. It was very beginning and I had no initiatives on this subject at that juncture I was thinking that it would be so rigid to find this kind of software. But while surfing on the Internet, after some time I found good software that was fit for me.
The word "rewriter" is repeated for several times in the field of Internet marketing. Because I was taking it factually, I found myself to be erroneous. A rewriter is software that helps in rewriting of an article.
The word "spinner" is repeated for several times in the field of Internet marketing. Because I was taking it factually, I found myself to be erroneous. The Spinner is good software for rewrites too, not just spinning. The Best Spinner is upgrading so fast that I use in present time.
As I have already told that I wrote my first article on identification of estrus in water buffalo, it was my "seed" article. I had to be an article that is my own and that I allowed to put my name on it.
I needed more articles on the same topic and have to put in variations of my text. Each of these thousands of new versions of my similar article was judged exclusive to search engines. The point is, I do not have a skill to write hundreds of articles, I can just "spin" one article and make thousands of a single article.
Now I got my article ready to submit it to the site that reimburses for. I got information, while surfing on the Internet, that so many on-line article directories are accessible for submission of my article for money. Out of them, a brief description of 9 directories i.e. Bukisa(dot)com, Helium(dot)com, HubPages(dot)com, InfoBarrel(dot)com, RedGage(dot)com, Squidoo(dot)com, Triond(dot)com, Xomba(dot)com and YouSayToo(dot)com is being made available here.


This is an on-line article directory for how-to, informational & educational contents. It is working for both the functions viz. as an aggregating unit, and a UGC web site that provides content in the form of articles, videos, presentations, audio recordings and image slide shows. The web site is recognized as to distribute knowledge and to get paid for providing quality contents. It also provides an opportunity to author to build up his own on-line network with his friends that works for themselves and the author make money without having to buy or sell anything to anyone. The web site gives the author or his company, an opportunity of not only to just a good exposure on the net-globe (Internet), but actually assists him in building his brand into an on-line presence with linking.


This is not only a web site but a community where active, engaging authors are being shared their best quality preparations across a spectrum of knowledge. The members are provided feedback, mentoring, and training. The writers have an opportunity to work with wide ranged outlets. The authors who create high quality creations are eligible for offers of highly paid assignments through this web site. The site always cares for high quality content that drives reader engagement and sales? This web site also provides media powerhouses and e-commerce companies with valuable content from scrutinized professionals.


This is a web site for revenue-sharing and article-writing. Members are known as "Hubbers", those are given their own free sub-domain, where they can post magazine-style articles. They have the right to retain all intellectual property rights to their Hubs and can delete them at any time. They may earn revenue through an act of advertising on their Hubs, including HubPage(dot)com' own Advertising Program, Google Adsense, eBay and etc. The Adsense and eBay earnings accumulate along with the HubPage(dot)com.

Info Barrel(dot)com:

This is again not only an on-line article directory but a community of writers who spend their time to help the readers either by the way to educate them or by solving their problem. This web site is built in a manner that it rewards the writers for creating their contents. Authors have an opportunity to choose to build a passive income stream through a number of advertising channels. Essentially The web site shares the potential revenue created by an author's content directly with the author.

Red Gage(dot)com:

This is a first-of-its-kind web site that reimburses authors for their on-line content. It is well known centralized hub where an author can generate income for all his preparations what he is already doing on-line at different places. This web site makes payment based on the value of the content, measured by page views and popularity. The author is not only has an opportunity to be able to create a stronger web identity, but also has the prospect to host, navigate, and review a wide variety of projects. Authors earn income from unique page views to their original contents. Each of the users has a customized rate for each 1000 views. Once the author receives the minimum amount in his account, he is provided a RedGage(dot)com Debit Card to withdraw his earnings.


This is a user-generated web site that uses the concept of a lens as its primary features. Developments on this web site started in 2005, launching a beta testing period in October of that year. The web site is useful for readers to discover the things, and the most likely to get shared with other people. The web site provides an opportunity to run an open and free platform to his authors that gives people a simple way to organize their interests on-line and bring original content to the web. The web site makes it easy for writers of all stripes to create their portfolios of beautiful web pages, each one about a single thing or story or opinion that they know and love. As a bonus, when one of their pages does well, it earns a royalty for the authors.


This web site publishes the content on the most relevant web site according to its topic. The payments are made monthly on the 15th of the each month for earnings, an author accumulated up until the end of the previous month. He is provided an opportunity to receive his payments by PayPal, check or Western Union money transfer. The authors get more recognition and more readership and earning revenue while building a portfolio. This web site accepts all original content on any topic, including written articles, pictures, audios and videos. Once the content submitted and approved for publication, the web site will publish it on a web site within their publishing network that best suits the topic and target audiences. The network on this web site includes niche web sites with topics ranging from poetry and literature, to business, sports, travel, health and wellness etc. The web site also handles the technical, marketing, operational and financial details. It shares with the author the revenue generated by his content in a ratio 50:50.


This web site splits its Google AdSense revenue with authors in ratio of 60:40. It places targeted advertisements on the articles based on Google's analysis of the text. Advertisements are placed on the text body of the artically automatically by the web site. It does not work to pay its users directly, nor handles any information regarding personal AdSense account. It is Google that sends the user a payment each time AdSense account has earned $100 or more.


This web site offers an opportunity to have a program for earning money from the blogs. This web site is one of the best places on the net globe for bloggers who want the most exposure. YouSayToo(dot)com splits Google AdSense, Infolinks and zapunited impressions with the author in a ratio of 50:50 and the writer has another opportunity to earn bonus ad revenue if a refers his friends and they they successfully blog on YouSayToo(dot)com.


I started to write on my topics and submitted to one of these directories and started earnings. In starting the earnings were too little but now I am earning a big amount from my articles. If I can get success to do this thing, why you cannot? Just try to initiate your steps for a sweet smile.


The authors are thankful to expertscolum ( and triond/webupon ( to publish the articles(s) on their websites under my account.


Adsense, Articles, Blogging, Earning, Making Money, Online Marketing, Paid Directories, Revenue, Royalty

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