How to make your Day productive

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Do we live each day fully. Are we conscious of every moment. We have to change the way we live and the do our work.

How to start your day

The key to having a productive day is having a good sleep.Yes, a good sleep goes a long way in ensuring that the brain and body are nourished and active to perform the next days tasks.The key to being 'ready' for the next day is to pre-decide on what you need to do before sleeping or during breakfast.Going through the day aimlessly and hoping to catch on some goals is not the most efficient way!
So i will now discuss a few more strategies in order to make your day fruitful and more productive.

No work straightaway

1. Have you ever felt bored every time you woke up in the morning.You decide that all you need is just a little more sleep and the next time you wake up you see owls staring at you from your window!
so guys I have a simple formula for all of you who have experienced this.1st, never start your day outright with work.Start by doing something you like, skating,drawing,listening songs or composing or singing or playing an instrument.It can be anything but the goal is to ensure that your creative juices are flowing.This practise helps because, one it is your passion and you want to execute it in the best manner possible and second, you can easily perform it without over-stressing or overexercising your mind.

Hi! i am procrastination...wanna be my friend?

2. Many of you suffer from what is called procrastination. This deadly thing resides in our mind in form of our friend but is in fact our biggest enemy.For those of you who are unfamiliar, procrastination is telling yourself that you could had done something after you did something else .You might ask- why is this bad? just stop a sec and visualize yourself questioning every decision you make for the next 24 hours.
Doesn't paint a very pretty picture does it?
So how can we improve upon this aspect.Procrastination results from one main thing, one comparing ourselves with others and estimating the time we 'lost' while 'he' did 'productive' work.Stop this habit once and for all because by comparing yourself with anyone other than you is an insult to your intelligence and your esteem .Every time you do this you lower your esteem and raise this imaginary man's status.Keep a picture of your friends or family and every time you start comparing yourself have a look at them and pinch yourself.The pinch because the pain ought to prevent you from comparing for some time and the picture to remind you that they look up to you and you would not want to disappoint them.

Guys a picture is worth a thousand words and a video well ! so here is a link to one of my fav youtuber. He posts some cool and highly inspiring videos and i really hope you like them.That will link you directly to his channel.


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