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The internet is actually international and one would think that it doesn't matter where you submit your reviews to. Stop, think again! Check out currency conversion rates, PayPal or bank commissions, choose the website or blog or magazine where you want to submit your review to carefully for optimum revenue and check out this page on how to write an interesting website or blog review.

Don't waffle!

The reader of a website or blog review wants to be informed FAST, time is money and the attention span on the internet is SHORT.

Create a "feeling"

This may be difficult, but we don't only have eyes and an index finger to click on a mouse. If a 1 minute TV commercial can create "feelings" then the producers must have a reason to do so.

Adjust your writing style to the target audience

It makes sense to use a "similar" writing style as the website or blog in question. Is there not a considerable difference between a "dating agency", a "computer technology" or "dog charity" site?

The purpose

Give a short introduction of the purpose of the website. Does it sell something, is it for information only etc. and mention the target audience, i.e. who would be interested in this website or blog.

The "About" page

Give a short summery of the "About" page, it helps to create "confidence". Here we can retrieve company information that may be valuable to the reader.

Other elements worth mentioning, but remember "KISS" (Keep It Simple and Short):

- Design (colour scheme, visual appearence - type face too big or too small, appropriate, pleasing, jumbled, erratic etc.)

- Technical issues (functionality, do the links and adverts you click on work, easy and logical navigation, long or short downloading times, easy or elaborate filling in of forms)

- Content (is it informative or sales talk or waffle)

- Message effectiveness (how long did it take you to understand the message and/or react to it)

- Advertising (is the advertising targetted or untargetted, are there text links, display ads or endlessly downloading video adverts)

- A bit of extra independent research on names or products mentioned on the website can make issues clearer or might even reveal "surprises".

- Summery, i.e. own opinion, can be positive or negative

Money matters ...

... at least to the ones who need to make a living from their writing. Check out all possibilities of where a website or blog review is welcome and where one gets paid for it. Don't stop at just submitting to other websites! There are magazines for every subject, they recommend links and offer short website or blog reviews. Just contact a few magazines as well!

And since you are here, why not sign up with Wikinut and submit your website or blog reviews?

Thanks for calling in!


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author avatar Melissa Dawn
6th Nov 2010 (#)

Loved it. Especially the 'waffle' bit lol. I'm prone to waffling on a bit myself.

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author avatar chrysolite
10th Nov 2010 (#)

Yes, Melissa. Thank you for that and I do lots of waffling, but hey! It's not necessary and I'm training in "not waffling" especially when I'm writing! ;)

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