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Have you ever questioned your existence? Ever thought about your consciousness.

What am i doing in this world?

I am a regular human like everyone else. Who is going about doing his daily routine. Nothing odd about me. What i am going to talk about here does not only concern me. It concerns everyone that is reading this particular article.

I have always wondered. Why do i exist. How can i think? Its not a ridiculous question. Of course the obvious answer is that we have a brain. Which functions to do all that. But what i really mean is something more deeper. Why do we think like we do. Our personality, our existence. Its all a big mystery of the universe.

Have you ever laid down peacefully underneath the naked sky and looked at the stars. And wondered about your existence. Wondered about yourself. Out of all the people that exist. Ever wondered about your existence.

Breath and fell the existence of life all around you. Think about your consciousness. How are you conscious. All the mysterious of life will start unraveling. You will realize that you are only a tiny part of this massive world.


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Just a random human being.. Born in this world.. Without his choice.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
7th Aug 2012 (#)

From time immemorial, humanity has been wondering about our existence here. We are unlikely to find a credible answer. Maybe, that will reveal itself after we are done here! siva

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author avatar akram saqib
7th Aug 2012 (#)

philosophical contents with deep cognitive ideas

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