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Marriage is usually described as a unity of two souls, a bind that are written in heaven, destined in fate of humans and something that are sought at and patiently dreamed and waited by many. But what if it is shattered fragments of dreams, can it still be considered a match made in heaven?

Courtship: Weaving the dream

In the beginning of any human relationship, it seems that everything was heaven sent and the feeling is overwhelming, things are falling into their right places and women as they start to fall in love also starts to weave dreams of a much brighter future.

Men seems to be that submissive and very courteous of their feeling, a knight-in-shining-armor that will do everything for them and willing to die in the process just to make them happy. The promises sounds eternal though it may seems impossible.

The fulfilment

Oh, how joyful that day is. The day you will no longer live as I and you but the start of a lifelong "we". A step of a fulfillment of the dream that you have weave together and how you want to establish your family together. The threshold of the courage that you can withstand any storm that might your way and how happy you will be for the forthcoming years of living together. A dream that all of us who made that vow meant to live.

The danger: dream shattered

As the years passed by, as the children came, as problems come and go. You thought you have finally known the man that you have married, that person who are no longer a stranger but a partner that will stand with you along the way. But then something happen, you do not know what triggered it. Have you been a nagger? Is it caused by that unhappiness that has been dwelling in your heart all this time? Is it because of the hours that he spend working than spending it with you? Or does he found someone else that your feelings do not matter anymore?

You have fights everyone and then but this is something that you have never anticipated and did not even imagined. You have a fight with him and he had hurt you physically and you were shocked, you cried as you never did before and you fought as hard as your strength could prevail but it was no use, he was stronger than you. Since then, he had made it a habit that you will have a taste of his fist whenever possible. He hit you in your head, back, stomach, legs. In places where no one can see and notice. In the outside, you both look normal, a happy couple with no problems that you cannot surpass. You started to be sad, depressed. Blaming yourself for the things that had dawned on you. Who can you turn to? Your parents are dead, your siblings have problems of their own and you think that if you will come out in the open, that will be too shameful and it will cause chaos in your family.

The broken woman

You have a shattered dream once and you have surpassed it then he came along and promised you heaven. But this heaven had turned to hell and now, you considered yourself unworthy of real love, that no one can love you and have you forever. An unloved angel that was full of love and hunger to be loved.

A friend that I will always remember always.....


Assault, Battery, Domestic, Power Play, Violence

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
9th Mar 2014 (#)

Some relationships do turn sour due to inconsiderate behavior of either party. When a couple agrees to marry and have children it is important not to forget that one should not try to change the other. They were accepted as they are and that lays a strong foundation. And both have to be frank and open up on issues for them to be in life together. In fact, the arrival of children should bind the union and enrich it - siva

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