Humanity: volume 1

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This is the first to the series Humanity. Fall into the life of a large family of sisters whose bonds are stronger then any known family. This is the Life of young Pride.


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My body acts on the commands of my mind,
My dreams are only a distraction to let my mind rest,
My nightmares are only possible choices that I may choose in the future,
My mind is there for more then thought and more then reason.


Sun light was shining into the window of Vida's room only it wasn't sun light
it was moon light.
"5:56 am and I'm awake?" Vida said. Light headed.
She turned and looked over her shoulder, the window was wide open,
the moon light fulled her room, causing a blinding light that fell to her eyes.

She closed her eyes, trying to go back into her dreams
and hide away from the night.
But, of course, she couldn't sleep.
Did the dreams before scare me? She thought, Nightmares or dreams?
"Oh well" she said, getting up out of her bed.
She grabbed a dress, only thing she saw that would be pretty to wear to a formal breakfast with her friends.
She put the dress on.
A beautiful black dress, pasted her knees you could see her legs
but not her hips or lower.
She lifted her hair up, looking into the mirror, and put it into a bun,
this hair style did not fit her at all
but it had made her look more adult and more formal.
As she stared out the window,
she saw that it was windier then she thought it would be for this breakfirst,
My hair will get messed up, She thought as she poked at her hair and
looked in the mirror.
Have I ever been one to worry about my hair? she thought,
No, I would never care about my hair.
She opened the door of her room. It opened into a hallway,
a long hallway, she walked down this hallway and found herself at a door,
beautiful design on the door.
through the open door was the yard and walkway,
"Maybe I could go to the park until my friends are up" she said, to herself.
The park was not far from her home, so she walked.

Walking in the park was not easy with the wind blowing her dress up.
"Okay. This was a bad idea" she confessed to herself.
At that moment the wind picked up and pull at her dress, thank goodness she was holding it down.
No hands on her hair, as the wind rushed through the park,
her hair was pulled from the bun and fell to her face. The wind was now stopping, but not for long,

She reached up to her hair and pulled it to one side,
so at least she could see a little bit if the wind came back.
The moon light was starting to go dim,
the moon was going down and the sun was coming up.
A truly sad moment, she thought,
A full moon now setting, And a beautiful one.
"I should go back" she said, and she tried.
"Hello." said a voice coming from right behind her.
At that moment she felt a hand on her shoulder
"Are you going to speak?" the voice said.
"I was planing on speaking, but I didn't know what to say" she said,
turning her body and head to meet with this voice's.
It was, as she thought, a young man. Not to far from her own age,
still young.
"Hi. I'm Vida" she said. slowly taking his hand off of her shoulder.
"I'm Conner" he said, pulling his hand back to his side.
"I'm sorry for scaring you" conner said, doing something with his hands
over this chest.
"Oh? Who said I was scared?" Vida replied, trying not to stare at his hands.
"Vida wait I know that name, Your last name's Pride, Isn't it" Conner said,
"Yes. Why? you know it?" Vida replied, in a worried voice.

"I don't know the family, but I have heard the name many times before." Conner said.
"Oh? What have people said about me?" Vida asked, still kind of worried,
knowing she hasn't had a clean record.
"No worries. They don't bad mouth you. They say great
things about your family" Conner said.
"I don't really have a family. Only me" Vida said
"Huh? then that means you have done all that they say?" conner said,
"Oh. I don't know what they say I did, so I can't really answer that." Vida said
The wind started to pick up again. Now it was blowing very hard.
Conner grabbed Vida's hand and pulled her to a house. everyone believed this house was not owned.
At first it was dark, then a light was turned on in the house,
Only four objects were in the room,
Conner, Vida, A piano and the light.
The piano was old and beautiful, it was a classical piano.
"My grandmother owned this house" Conner said,
Vida turning her head from the piano back to Conner.
"I didn't think anyone owned this?" asked Vida, While kind of answering him.
"Well, it's now mine. My grandmother left this house to me." Conner said, looking around the room calmly.
He walked to the piano, putting his hand on the keys, he slipped his hand over the keys. The dust spite up behind his hand,
"It hasn't been played in so long." said Conner,
"Its meant to be played."

Vida didn't know how to answer this,
so she simply walked to the piano.
She started playing it, she was very good, but the song she choose didn't seem to be as good. Infact it was quiet and haunting.
"You play?" asked Conner
"I only play this kind of music. Its kind of scary, I think" Vide replied,
She lefted her hands off of the keys of the piano. Conner walked to her, he
stood there hovering his hands over the piano keys.
"How about we share this song." said Conner, softly laying his hands on the piano keys.
Vida only smiled.
The song started again, less haunted and quiet this time.
The song continued to pick up pace.
We work great, thought Vida,
He changed the song to something more happy.

"Oh! I have to go!" Vida said, realizing that she had friends waiting for her.
Conner walked to the door, opening it.
He grabbed her hand and kissed it.
"It was nice to meet Vida Pride." Conner said, letting her hand go.
"I never got your last name" Vida said.
"I never had one" Conner said.
Vida wanted to ask but she respected him enough not to.

She made it back to her house on time,
Three people stood at the yard of her house.
One beautiful young lady, her hair in a bun, and a blood red dress,
two younger men, one with a black coat on that passed his knees, and the other with a blood red shirt on and black gloves.
"My lady." said the one in red
"Well, well, well. Nice to see you again Alastair Burn" Vida replied
The one with the black coat walked to Vida and huged her meaningfully
"Its great to see you Rikki" Vida said, pulling him out to face her.
"Its great to see you Vida" Rikki said, bearly holding tears from falling to his eyes.
"I'm not planing on huging you, or saying 'my lady' but
Hi vida" said the girl
"Hello, Rosene Raven. It seems I still don't trust you." Vida said, pulling her hands to her chest showing no weakness
"Well, I never asked for your trust, did I?" said Rosene.
"Now ladies. We have a table waiting for us" said Alastair.
The restrant was beautiful, it had a huge dance floor, and tables everywhere but on the dance floor itself.
Vida was a great dancer and everyone knew that.
"Vida. May I have this dance" said Rikki, lifting his hand to Vida's
"Of course" Vida replied, grabbing his hand and standing, putting no weight on his hand at all.
The floor emptied when the music changed to something
harder to dance to.
"It seems the floor is ours. My lady" said Rikki, being very playful
Vida only watched Rikki as he stood only a few feet away from her.
She pulled up her hand, the music was only starting, grabbing his hand.
He pulled her close
"I miss this" Whispered Rikki, into Vida's ear.
The music picked up and now they were dancing faster.
The dance was beautiful, everyone watched.
The music paused, Rikki pulled up Vida's leg to his hip, not in a bad way.
Vida stepped down and kissed Rikki on the cheek,
when the music stopped, people started to go back onto the dance floor.
"I thought my lady may have lost her touch" Rikki said,
"Would I ever?" Vida said, softly and sweetly.
"You couldn't if you wanted." Rikki said, while looking right at Vida.
They sat back down at the table
"Beautiful." said Alastair,
"You know me better then to compliment me. Alastair,
you just know better" Vida said, while sitting back down.
"Don't make me angrey" said Alastair.
The strongest person in the group, of course, was not Alastair, but Vida.
Vida didn't reply, she only stared at Alastair.
"Al, You know the power of Pride. Why make it worse between Vida and yourself then it already is." said Rikki, in a very strong meaningful voice looking into Alastair's eyes.
"Yeah, it's only like you to stand up for her. You were brought here to protect her after all" said Alastair.
The look on Rikki's face changed to anger not annoyance.
"Don't insult my Honor, Alastair.
It's just a hopeless thought you know" Vida said, sitting calmly, Staring up at Alastair.
Alastair sat back down, scared and mad, Not eating the food that remained on his plate.

Vida turned her head slowly, looking at the beautiful room. She noticed someone who she had seen earlier, Conner?
He saw her and walked to her slowly.
He lifted Vida's hand and kissed it,
"I did not think you were coming here, Lady Pride." Conner said, setting her hand down.
Rikki stood up, action as a guard to Vida.
"Who are you?" Rikki demanded.
"I'm Conner." Conner replied, softly and calmly.
"Rikki! Sit back down! He's fine!" Vida said, Now getting up.
"Lady Pride you look lovely tonight" Conner said.
"Wait a second. Your Conner of Trust!" Vida said.
"Yes. I'm here to meet with Pride, Honor, Lust, and Truth." Conner said,
"I'm Pride." Vida said.
"I'm Lust." Rosene said.
"I'm Truth" Alastair said.
"And I'm Honor" Rikki said.
"So this is the Humanity faction. Not as I thought it may look.
But I knew that the Lady Pride would be in this faction.
The strongest of all, The Lovely Lady Pride." Conner said, Still standing, he had not been given permission to sit.
"You speak as if you know her" Rikki said,
"Always watching over her, Honor. You truly are the best guard for her" Conner said, bowing his head.
"Sit my friend, sit." Vida said,
"It would be a gift to sit with you, Lady Pride." Conner said, starting to sit down.
"Conner. Do you trust me?" Vida asked, Standing up.
"Of course. Why wouldn't I?" Conner said, looking up at Vida.
"Follow me." Vida said, holding out her hand, to be taken by Conner.
The music was quiet outside, the wind was still blowing highly, it was very cold still, Conner offered Vida his coat, she said no, of course, she was Pride after all. The sun was fully up now, it shined over the land, creating a shadow where Conner and Vida stood.
Vida always walked fast, not as fast to call it running but fast enough for Conner to have to catch up with Vida.
Rikki's job was to protect and watch over Vida, as she was very powerful, but she never let Rikki do his job right, he had to follow her and be with her everywhere but her own home. If Rikki ever liked Vida more then he should, he would be fired and killed.
Vida was forbidden to feel any "love", Only if it is the love of herself.
"You must be happy to be who you are, so beautiful, so strong, so feeling." Conner said,
"I would not say feeling. I 'feel' no feelings, I have no opinion, I was made to stay quiet and stay strong." Vida said, slapping Conner with her words.
"Oh? You feel nothing? You don't have an opinion? Why would someone make something to shut up and stay powerful?" Conner asked, but it was not a question.
Vida continued to walk, not answering Conner.
"You know, I feel something for you. I mean no harm. My lady." Conner said.
"I know. I may not feel, but I do think." Vida said, Making a joke?
The words stopped rolling and the air fell quiet,
They were still walking, Vida slowed down for Conner.
"Hello." A haunting voice came from behind them.
Vida stopped, Conner dared not to look.
"I'm sorry, are you talking to us?" Vida said, turned to face where the voice was coming from. In the shadow stood a man, he was wearing a black and white outfit, Black clothing and a white coat over it.
"You seem not to be worried." Said the man
"Why would I be?" Vida said, pulling her dress to one side, a bow?

"You don't fear death?" the voice was coming near Vida.
"Why should I feel such a joke?" Vida said, giggling softly and quietly
"It's only human" the voice starting to have a face now.
"You think me human? Now thats a scary thought." Vida pushed Conner away.
"Vida, No" Conner said, wishing he could stop her from doing it.
"May I get a name?" Vida said, not listening to Conner at all.
"Death, if you wish to call me something." The voice was laughing at Vida.
Does he think this is a joke? Thought Vida, No he couldn't be that stupid, Could he?
"Well then 'Death' what do you wish to do to my friend and I?" Vida said, walking to the face.
"I wish to take or be given your life" The voice was, of course, a man.
Men would try to take what they wanted from Vida. She was a beautiful clueless woman, making her a great target for rape or worse.
She was powerful and strong, stronger then any man you may know.
"Then, I wish you luck, you may need it." Vida said, with such a cold voice.
"So, I'm guessing that you will put up a fight" The voice said.
Vida didn't answer, she didn't care.
The man came at her, miss.
She grabbed the arm that came near her, pulling it at her.
Out of nowhere came Rikki, Not here to help, but here to watch.
Vida didn't look to Rikki for help, if she needed it she would ask, but, of course, she won't.
The man was looking up at Vida as she throw his body to the ground.
She's not strong as she is smart.
"Ah" said the man, in pain? yes.
She reached for his hand, to help him up.
But he pushed it away.
"The brightness in your eyes show me that you enjoy taking ones pain." The man said, staring up at Vida.
"It may be true but did I ever hurt you?" Vida said
The man's eyes widened and he darkened.
"How? But I'm bleeding" The man said, looking down at the body under where his eyes landed.
Vida didn't say anything at this point. It's too early, Thought Vida, If I tell him now he will still try to kill me.
"slice" The sound of metal hitting through Vida's dress and then through her skin.
"Vida!" Conner yelled, trying to run to Vida.
Rikki pulled out his arm and it held Conner back, yes, one arm.
Vida fell to her knees, her head fell to her chest, but stayed out where her neck held it.
A woman from behind her had cut Vida and twisted the blade to make a more painful wound. She ran to the man on the ground picked him up and pulled him to a wall, leaning him up against it.
"She's weak" said the woman.
"Why would you do a painful hit and not a deadly one?" The man replied, holding at his would, showing no signs of pain, "She feels nothing and we do, so she is much stronger then us. I hope you have a plan"
The woman looked down at him and stared, you could tell this was news to her.
Vida had pulled her body up, a smile on her face, blood dripping out of the wound.
"Petty hit." Vida said, now standing and walking slowly to the woman.
"Petty? To a normal person that would have kept them down for a while!" the woman said, now walking at Vida, faster.
Vida stayed at her pace. The woman pulled up her weapon, a beautiful sword, gold lined the blade, not a drop of blood on the sword. It must be very sharp, thought Vida, It's sharp but it didn't kill me.
"I will kill you if you get any closer!" said the woman
"How petty," Vida said, she stopped right away,
"Yeah maybe, but it stopped you." The woman said,
Holding up the sword as if she could hurt Vida.
"Or she just got to where she wanted." Rikki shouted, To the woman.
The woman's eyes widened and fell to Rikki behind Vida.
"And whose side are you on?" she said to Rikki.
"I'm on the winning side." Rikki answered her.
Conner was still being held back by Rikki.
He's strong, thought Conner, I won't be able to help Vida.
"Whose the winning side?" She asked.
"Secret" Rikki said, laughing.
Vida felt odd being in the middle of this little chat.
"Okay, Shut up, Both of you. I can't work while your chattering" Vida said.
Rikki fell quiet, very quickly.
Vida had a weapon, but the woman had no idea.
The woman came running a little lower then Vida's chest,
Vida reached her arm to the front of her and grabbed the sword's blade, blood dripped off Vida's hand.
Vida pulled the blade past her enough to have the woman's face close and level with her own.
The woman's eyes widened and she brightened up.
Vida's knife had hit her in the chest, more important then where she had hit Vida, On her side.
Rikki let Conner go, but he stayed by Rikki. The blood dripped from where the knife had hit.
"Don't think me weak, Your a child, yet your not. Your powerful in your own way, but not powerful with the blade you hold." Vida said, pulling out the knife
The woman fell to her knees, the sword hit the ground, the woman dropped it.
Vida grabbed the woman's chin softly.
"Remember this, I killed you with a knife, you hurt me with a sword. The winning side was always me. You didn't have a chance, you never did, not even if I felt pain, you still would have died here." Vida said, she dropped the woman's chin.
Vida grabbed the sword from the ground,
"It saddens me to see this with such a weak girl." Vida said, holding to blade to where her eyes where level.


The sounds of the morning filled the room with life. The light seemed so pure and bright.
Samantha woke at her normal time, Right as the sun had risen but earlier then the servants of the house.
Samantha was the eldest sister in her household, not the oldest in the house itself.
Samantha always stayed in contact with her many, many, sisters.
Vida was one of her sisters, Samantha had no idea of Vida being her sister.
She knows of Vida, Vida is very known, but she only knew Vida as that person, not as a sister.
It was today that she would find out of Vida's father.
Samantha's father had left her at age 10, Vida was born only two months after Samantha's father left her.
Vida was an only child. Her mother had died when she was 3 and she was given to a man who, in-fact, made her who she is now, not human.
Vida was very pretty, Samantha and Vida looked some what alike.
"I wonder" Samantha whispered.
"Oh Sammy. I knew you would be up, but you still suprised me" said Jackie interruping Samantha. Jackie was the only woman in the house older then Samantha.
"Oh Jackie. You always say that in the morning like this." Samantha said, being silly.
"I have to go make breakfast." Said Jackie.
Samantha nodded her head and said nothing. She walked past Jackie, stopping only to look out at the view of the many windows in her house.
Samantha had always thought Vida was not a powerful or beautiful woman.
Vida was now 14, which made Samantha 24. Vida looked young but not her age.
One of Samantha's sister's had found out that Vida was of their bloodline, so Samantha setup a meeting between Vida and herself.
Vida walked into the room. Now that I see her, Thought Samantha, she does kind of look of my bloodline.
The smile on Vida's face was beautiful but it was faded.
"Oh. You must be Samantha Grippen" Vida said, turning her head to see Samantha
"And I suppose you're Vida Pride" Samantha replied, In a tone of voice that worried Vida
"You didn't keep father's name?" Vida asked.
"Why do you have respect for him?" Samantha said, answering a question with a question
"I will respect him until he comes here and gives me something to disrespect." Vida said, being straight forward.
"I see. Do you think he will come then?" Samantha played again with the thought of Vida being a hopeless girl.
"Well. I believe this when I say it. Father ran around planting his little seeds hoping one day they will grow tall and grow leaves of power and money, then he will come to pick want he had planted and leave only the roots, slowly killing the plant alone." Vida said.
Had she came up with this alone? thought Samantha.
"So...Who is your 'adopted' father?" Samantha asked trying to get on with it.
"Oh." Vida sounded upset.
"What is it?" Samantha asked once again.
"Not long after...after I turned 13...Well, he weren't insane..." Vida said sadly, Samantha had stop her.
"No! Don't do that! I know what your thinking... You didn't do that to him!" Samantha was right on the spot with this.
Vida back up only briefly, her eyes widened, her jaw kind of hanging there, her eye lids heavy as her stared at Samantha with such wonder and sadness.
"How... how could you... know that" Vida in shock of what Samantha had so boldly said.
"It's common sense, everyone has it. " Samantha had put down such a straight forward answer for Vida.
"Everyone? Well... I-I'm sure I don't have s-such a t-thing” Vida was having trouble speaking now.
“Vida? Vida!” Samantha yelled, But it didn’t get to Vida.
Vida had fell down onto the floor.
“Help! Someone help her!” Samantha yelled.
Rikki, of course, came running.
“What happened?” He asked her.
“I don’t know. one second she was talking to me, the next she had collapsed” Samantha was holding Vida’s head up.
Rikki picked up the phone, to call for help.
“Please. V-Vida has collapsed... had she taken any new meds?” Rikki said.
In the eyes of Samantha, She could see the raw feeling he had for her.
Vida’s eyes were open and she seemed to not hear anything.
“H-her doctor is coming.” Rikki dropped the phone and ran to Vida’s aid.

Once the doctor got there, he told Samantha to leave, she didn’t for her own reasons.
Did I do this to her? Samantha asked herself.
“Samantha, is it?” Asked Rikki, He stood over her looking down at her.
“Yes.” Samantha answered but her eyes never met with his as she thought of herself so badly.
“The sister of the lady?” he spoke as if Vida was a god and this woman before him was the sister of such a god.
“Yes. The sister of the lady” Samantha was teasing, of course.
“Then I owe you a great gift, Lady Grippen” Rikki had picked up Samantha’s hand and he kissed it so gratefully.
Samantha was shocked to see such a man to do such a thing to such a woman.
This is a joke! thought Samantha so bitterly, It’s always how men work!
A thought rushed to her mind: Maybe it's not, Maybe he truly cares for this girl. Maybe he isn't like the others. Maybe he's his own person taking thoughts of love as love, and not a chance to betray her.
Vida, now awake, was being tended to. Rikki sat by her side, not trying to help, but just watch.
"Samantha. I want you to understand that this happens to me daily, its not anyone's fault"
Samantha only watched as the doctor checked Vida's pulse.
"Hey.. Sammy..." Vida trying to get her to look at her.
"Huh? I'm sorry" Samantha must have been somewhere else since she just realized Vida was talking.
"No worries. Do you feel odd? Are you okay?" Vida asked.
"Well, yes I feel odd... Something I have never felt before." Samantha was touching her arms.
"Well, I had blood tests and, well, I have something in my blood. Nothing normal. Something never seen before. They said that I may be growing raw power." Vida said,
I hope shes not being real with me, thought Samantha. Shes joking! it's a joke. Raw power is earned not grown!
"I agree." Vida said.
"With what? Samantha answered herself, as she thought back on the thought she had had soon before Vida had said anything.
Vida cocked her head to one side and waited.
Samantha's eyes widened and she almost fell back into her chair, now realizing that Vida was talking of her thought.
"How..." Samantha said, Worried.
"Raw power" Vida giggled
Samantha laughed bitterly.


Sanna, the youngest of the sisters still only 11, sat calmly in her bed, early
in the day. She never got up on time, it angared her mother.
Bunbun, Sanna's pet bunny, jumped up onto the bed when Sanna sat. Sanna put her hand out and Bunbun walked to in and rubbed herself against the hand,
Sanna moved the hand softly over Bunbun's fur, slidding. down the Bunny's back,
Sanna stopped and smiled at Bunbun
"Your beautiful, girl."
Sanna picked up the bunny and held it as she got up from her bed. The bed was left messy and not made, this also would anger her mother.
Her brother was older then her by two years(making him the same age as Vida), but he always acted to control her or anybody else, this only really worked on Sanna.
Sanna walked down stairs and found her brother and her mother in the kitchen, her mother was cooking and her brother was talking to Mother.
"Oh. Good morning dear." said Mother.
"Good morning." replied Sanna, as she lowered her body to set the bunny on the ground.
Bunbun ran off, normally he did but he never left Sanna.
"Why did you sleep in so late? lovely sister." said Juston, Sannas brother
"I was wake earlier then you, Sweet brother." Sanna replied, bitterly.
This was a game they had long since mastered. Hitting each other with words, pulling them down to their level, and this would go on every morning when they first saw each other.
"Stop it." Mother was getting annoyed now.
Juston sat up and grabbed a bowl, he grabbed a spoon that was in the oatmeal before him, he lifted it and poured the oats into his bowl.
Sanna sat down and her mother asked about her sleep.
"I slept good, Thank you for asking." relied Sanna
"Now eat girl, We don't want you to be a stick for your husband." Said mother pushing a bowl to Sanna.
Sanna blushed and she ate.
Sanna, like every other morning, left to check up on her animals.
Ranger, her horse, stood strong the second he saw Sanna.
His tan hair upon his body, And his white mane and tail, he was indeed a beautiful horse, trained to do any hard deed Sanna required.
Sanna always feed Ranger early (this is what she planned to do).
Ranger kicked up, not as an act against his coming meal, to show off mostly.
Sanna laughed and smiled at Ranger and put down oats and hay for him to eat.
Sanna showed her hand upward and Ranger pushed his head into it for a petting, Sanna moved her hand from his nose to forehead.
Ranger kicked his front left hoof playfully.
When Ranger was eating Sanna was getting tack and grabbing the brushes, when he was done she brushed him, put his tack on and Saddled him. She mounted him and rode for hours. Ranger, of course, loved this time with Sanna.
It was only when something Ranger feared most came into play that Ranger
kicked Sanna off his back and ran, there standing over Sanna was her older brother Juston atop his horse Dayblaze. Dayblazed
was kicking at her hoofs and putting dust up into the air, Sanna got to her feet and Dayblaze really didn't like Sanna or
Ranger for that matter,
Juston pulled at the reins and made her rear up and kick her front hoofs in the air,
Scaring Sanna, Sanna ran fasttly.
Hiding behind a wall, Sanna breathing heavily, the pain in her gut, that sting
that comes with fear, shes scared of this moment, the moment she believes
she will die.
Dayblaze reared up,Juston pulled, right as the horse landed it ran.
"Ranger!" yelled Sanna when she knew her brother could not hear,
Ranger came running out of the forest, still saddled,

Juston was not related to Sanna, Sanna's mother married Juston's father, so not related.

Vida stood calmly when she saw the animal and rider approaching, she was scared but it didn't move her, her will was much to strong to be overrun by fear.
The animal came into view now, the horse, was not slowing down. Atop
the horse was a young man, Vida stood in fear while the horse got closer.

Juston saw the woman but didn't slow down he wanted to scare her or
make her move first, but the woman stayed. It was not soon after he got close enough to see that the woman was only a girl about age of 14.
The horse started to pull away.
"Blaze! calm down" Said Juston, only seconds too late.
The horse had lifted high into the air and The girl under the horse made not a sound.
Once the horse finished it's rear it somehow turned itself so that were it landed it would not be on The girl.
Vida grabbed the reins of the horse and pull slightly to make the man fall off, he did, The horse ran off.
The man lying on the floor."Why didn't you just move!" He said out of rage.
"Why would I waste a step for that? You would have just moved over and hit me anyway." Vida giggled. "Juston. Why do you do this every time we meet?"
"Maybe I like scaring you." Juston said.
"Maybe you like to think your scaring me" Vida said, holding out a hand to help him up.
"She'll come back won't she?" Vida said
"Of course she'll come back... She can't live without me. "
-to be continued


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