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This essay is about the materialistic society that has entangles almost all of us in its web and everyday someone is born or someone dies but change in out attitudes is not simply happeining.

Social hypocrisy

My conviction about man is a bit blunt but true. I claim that man is not only a social animal but also a social hypocrite. This hypocrisy springs when a child gain senses, he knows how to seek attention. This little notion of poison grows with the passage of time. Although the individual acquires this skill from the society but it should not be forgotten that a seed cannot design itself. A natural instinct follows and we prefer materialistic wants.in every situation we put ourselves first. Mature human does every act that is in his favour. This, actually is an approach to become an economical man.
To wheedle out something we make sure that our tongue is a slippery web of woven words, so that the unlucky aim is trapped cosily. Consider it for a moment, why do we wear a smile all the time? As smile is the easiest way to win hearts. Don’t we try to shake hands with elite class? Why don't we struggle to do things ourselves? Why are we so keen to kill our conscience?
A re-known fact leading a man through the coarse course of hypocrisy: man is a power hungry creature.in pursuing height, we opt three ways; working our own way through, shaking hand with person above our status and after that usurping his position and lastly through cajoling. Generally the last factor is supposed to be quick and efficient. The result however is not a big deal, it’s just the death of self-respect.
The blame game carries on as we go on tripping through decades. A flower seems beautiful because each pore of it devotes its energies to beautify it. Before criticizing anyone we should ponder over this point: society is OUR reflection.
I consider those people biggest hypocrites who write their biographies. In their books all they do is: justify their guilt. Hypocrisy starts from an individual and it ends wherever man has touched yet.to wriggle out of this quagmire is as easy as taking a bath, provided there is a soapy will!


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