I Am a Woman and I Am Just As Capable

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Tired of being told that because I am woman I cannot or should not do the things a man can do. So I will complain about it and tell you why I can!


"You are a girl, let me do it I'll do it better!"-Some man.
No. No! NO! Everything about this is wrong! You may be a man but that doesn't make you any more able than me. I can do anything you do plus some. You cannot bear children and then feed them from your own body. I can!
This topic has arisen because I have finally had enough! Currently for work I sell hay for a small business in my town, I drive a tractor and throw the small bails by hand. I constantly hear the compliments and "wows" which is fantastic! What gets me though are the you can't do that's. "Oh there is no one else here to load me with the tractor? Well I couldn't let a woman do that!" "oh that hay weighs more than you girl. I'll come back when there is someone else here!" Go right on ahead and come back both me and the girl I work with will still be the only employees here! Don't you think for a minute I can't handle it!


Newsflash! Not all women have a handshake as delicate as a flower. I was raised in an environment where a first impression is everything. I want your first impression of me to be a strong, confident, secure impression. Next time you shake hands with a woman don't be surprised, astonished and definitely not offended when her grip is just as strong as yours. A handshake can convey so much. A strong one shows that I am a woman who can handle myself.

Just Have To Throw In the Taboo

Chewing tobacco. It is a common misconception that women do not chew. Why is that? Maybe because it isn't attractive or lady like. Well to quote John David Kent, from his song that my Dad swears is written about me, "My Girl" And then she says, give me a dip of that Copenhagen. I ain't lady like cause its over rated.. Men can chew. So can a woman, and just like many women I do. Don't act so shocked.

Alcohol is another interesting thing. A lot of times it is a thought that women only like wine and sweet fruity drinks. Well once again while this is often the case it does not always hold true. Don't be surprised when a woman asks for whiskey,straight no ice. Or some Scotch. We are just a built for the poison as you are!

And your point is?

My point is we live in a culture where women are beginning to DEMAND the same treatment as men. Yes we have the same rights, it is unfair to expect us to act totally different then a man! I'm not saying a man should stop acting like a gentlemen and that a woman should stop acting classy. I am just saying that times are changing, and as I woman I know that I don't want anyone to expect any less of me because I am a woman!
So girls, get out there and knock 'em dead!


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
18th Jul 2014 (#)

Yes some women are dressing and acting more like men, doing men's jobs and such. Heck I even saw a woman walk in and use the mans bathroom one time when the womans bathroom had a long line.

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author avatar MCayou
24th Oct 2015 (#)

Tough as always, Mal.


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